Disruption and Transformation Examples for Public Media & Broadcasters: slides and videos from my talk at EBU Vision 2020 event

I had the pleasure to address a nice crowd of executives and managers from the public broadcasting sector in Europe, at a recent EBU Vision 2020 event in Brussels. My job was to provide examples on how other industries have dealt with disruption caused by technology, and how they have transformed because of it, and what the potential learnings for public broadcasters in Europe might be. You can download the slides via my GerdCloud.com dropbox folder, or just grab the actual pdf via this direct link (1oMB PDF ).

Bizarrely, however, author, pundit and budding trapez artists Ben Hammersley who followed me with his talk, told the very same audience to a) not pay much attention to ‘futurists’ (as they invariably wrong) and b) to not worry about changing quickly (as they have plenty of time and should not hurry into anything) – this was quite a damper on the whole event, in my view. My special thanks to Ben for using his 12 minutes to thoroughly confuse and misguide people:)

Watch this interview that clarifies my view on this:


Here is the video of my keynote:


Here are the slides via Slideshare:

[slideshare id=22690189&doc=ebuvisiondisruptiontransformationgerdleonahrdss-130609052034-phpapp01]




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