Short video commentary on PRISM, Snowden, Privacy and Cloud Computing: this is a game-changing moment

UPDATE July 16: the latest version of my PRISMgate comments and my call for a potential boycott of US tech platforms is now live on the HBR Blog network. Download the PDF: A Call to Boycott U.S. Tech Platforms Over the NSA’s PRISM Surveillance – Gerd Leonhard – Harvard Business Review

This is a video comment on Sunday’s blog post on PRISM Futures: Time for an Ultimatum to America ? Or: we love you guys… but enough is enough!

The utter disrespect with which U.S. law enforcement agencies have violated the most basic international agreements on data security and basic citizens’ rights, the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations (by spying on European commission officials) and the 4th amendment, generally, is greatly worrisome and in my view it behooves us to now rethink our relationship with ‘all things USA’, whether it’s the government, telecoms, technology companies or media….

New: German language version of my ‘PRISM Ultimatum’ post (July 6, 2013)

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Gerd Leonhard Futurist Podcast Comment PRISM NSA BigData large (AUDIO VERSION)



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