Video: Doug Stephens (Retail-Prophet) and Gerd Leonhard discuss the PRISM/NSA affair and what it means for the future of big data and commerce

Doug and me just finished a pretty snappy Google Hangout on the topic of how the PRISM / NSA / Snowden affair will impact consumer behavior, e-commerce, big data business models and cloud computing.  Doug really knows his stuff and is always great fun to talk to, find out more about him, here and here (twitter). We will be doing some speaking gigs together, soon, as well, so… stay tuned!

Read my other PRISM related posts, including the ‘ultimatum’ piece, here, or if you speak German please visit my German-language piece that went up today, as well.  Download the PRISM ultimatum PDF: PRISM Futures Ultimatum Gerd Leonhard

UPDATE July 16: the latest version of my PRISMgate comments and my call for a potential boycott of US tech platforms is now live on the HBR Blog network. Download the PDF: A Call to Boycott U.S. Tech Platforms Over the NSA’s PRISM Surveillance – Gerd Leonhard – Harvard Business Review

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