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▶ Watch this clip about the #PrivacyProject – amazing how little most people know about what their mobiles do with their data

via ▶ #PrivacyProject – YouTube.

Watch TheFutureShow episode on privacy

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chartoftheday_2710_App_Privacy_n PJ_2015-03-05_privacy-strategies_03 PJ_2015-03-05_privacy-strategies_02 PJ_2015-03-05_privacy-strategies_01 ford as society we have given up privacy technology data privacy gerd leonhard WHY chartoftheday_3148_Loss_of_Privacy_Only_Downside_to_Rise_of_Personal_Tech_n comic internet eats privacy chartoftheday_2663_When_Americans_Worry_About_Online_Privacy_n balancing act privacy technology futurist gerd




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