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Gerd Leonhard’s Megashifts: digitization, mobilisation, screenification, disintermediation, decentralisation, automation, intelligization, virtualization, anticipation, robotisation

It seems like all those ‘…ation'-words are naturally converging right now;  in almost every keynote I am touching on these trends that may, on one hand, mean very good things for all of us, but may also result in a future that is increasingly less ‘human'. I have taken to calling this dilemma ‘HellVen‘, and am currently prepping a longer piece on those challenges. For now, here are some of my key images, videos and links on my fav 7 ‘…ations' (btw, I am using the American spelling .. apologies). Download the PDF: Gerd’s key 2015 trends 17 MB PDF

Read my 6 key findings for 2016: The Future of Business- towards a new relationship of technology and humanity (6 key findings 

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10 ations megashifts gerd leonhard



digitization gerd gerd leonhard digitization example lower per unit revenues



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Automation and optimization

while collar automation is imminent Digital transformation bottom lines gerd leonhard futurist speaker wide.023

Robotization and Virtualization

Learning Technology Work and the Future Gerd Leonhard Keynote Speaker Public.008


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HellVen Challenges

hellven nuclear gerd






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