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Gerd Leonhard’s latest newsletter just went live: practical wisdoms from the future (announcing Digital Ethics focus)

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I have been very fortunate that my 2016 book ‘Technology vs. Humanity’has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. Many memes from the book – such as #DigitalEthics and of #techvshuman – have spread far and wide around the globe. Most of all my recent talks have been on these topics, already (be sure to watch my new 2018 show-reel, here)


📌 Going forward, I pledge to do the following:

  • To be a force for the good of humanity by making meaningful contributions that help to foster human flourishing
  • To speak honestly, openly, engagingly and with total integrity with and to my audiences
  • To present passionate and visionary yet balanced and realistic views that are neither techno-utopian nor neo-luddite
  • To influence, inspire and advise local, national and global decision makers when it comes to the key technological future topics that are impacting humanity


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DigitalEthics is the #1 technology topic in 2019, according to Gartner (I tend to agree:). This is a new weekly newsletter with my latest findings and commentary from the intersection of humanity and technology, focusing on #digitalethics – the ethics of exponential technological change. A lot of my attention will shift here so be sure to sign up – this newsletter will continue but we will publish it more sporadically. In this newsletter I will riff on questions such as: What will it mean to be human in a world that is becoming hyper-connected, and that will increasingly be run by algorithms and machines? What will real happiness aka Eudaemonia actually mean in this new world? How will we ensure that all these amazing technological gains still result in human flourishing? How will we avoid increasing dehumanisation in return for continued economic growth or for the endless convenience of a connected lifestyle?….

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