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Must-read via THE GUARDIAN:  Are brain implants the Future of Thinking?

Who would NOT like to be SuperHuman? (I know this is an odd question)

….at a recent neurotechnology meetup in San Francisco of about two dozen tinkerers, Jonathan Toomim argued it was a logical next step. “We already use devices – our smart phones – that offload a lot of our cognition and augment our memory. This is just bringing the bandwidth between the human brain and those to a higher level” said the self-described neuroscientist, engineer, entrepreneur and environmentalist, who makes his own neurofeedback gear.  READ MORE VIA THE GUARDIAN

What are the ethical implications of this?

How real is this?

We have no idea how the brain works,” says Takashi Kozai, a biomedical engineer at the University of Pittsburgh who studies implantable technologies. “Trying to decode that information and actually produce something useful is a huge problem.” Chestek agrees that more understanding of how neurons compute things would be helpful, but “every algorithm out there” would suddenly just start doing better with a few hundred extra neurons….  READ MORE



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