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Watch this new Gerd.Live Pilot Episode on our with/post- crisis future with Azeem Azhar and Gerd Leonhard

I am really excited to share this amazing pilot episode for a new series I started 8 weeks ago, called Gerd.Live. Each episode will feature uniquely interesting people, in conversation with me, interspersed with social media quotes, short video clips, motion-design graphics and illustrations, and much more. I think you'll find it highly entertaining:)


Download the short version via GerdCloud.net

A riveting conversation on the impact of Covid19 on society, economy, technology and politics

This fast-moving pilot presents Azeem Azhar, thinker, futurist, technologist, speaker and entrepreneur see https://www.thefuturesagency.com/spea… and https://twitter.com/azeem. We are having a riveting conversation about what we call #postoronafutures i.e. on topics such as 1) How long will this crisis last; what recession shape is most likely … and what about ‘going back to Normal’ 2) Why have some countries been more successful than others, in terms of fighting Covid19 (and what about all the women leaders?) 3) The impact of Covid19 on climate change, sustainability and the future of energy 4) The future of capitalism (or rather, post-capitalism) and what we need to do better equipped for the future 5) The debate of de-globalisation vs the need for a world government … and much more. Buckle up:)


There is a world before corona----- and there is a world with/after corona

We are also using this Gerd.Live episode to test the waters for a new web-TV show I am currently working on, called TheFutureShow (subscribe to my newsletter at www.gerd.digital to get the latest updates on that). 

Download the high res mp4 here


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