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Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard's latest virtual keynote on Technology and Humanity

at PODIM 2020 (using Zoom virtual backgrounds)

… and the Future of Europe, at PODIM 2020.  Thanks to PODIM for inviting me and for making this video available.  I am using some new virtual backgrounds in this talk (using Zoom). Some of my key messages:

  • Embrace technology but don’t become it.
  • Technology is not what we seek but how we seek.
  • Everything should be as smart as possible – but not more
  • You cannot download happiness, and trust isn’t digital
  • The more we connect the more we must protect what makes us human
  • We need to transcend technology – not humanity

Download the MP4

Bonus Video:

Gerd Leonhard on #techvshuman: excerpt from PODIM 2020 Panel on the Future of Europe

Audio-only version (podcast version)



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