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“2022 is set to be an emotional paradox. On climate, especially, humankind is doing more than ever, in terms of governments and companies setting targets to cut greenhouse gases and restore nature. So on the one hand we feel better. On the other, however, many people are starting to feel tired and overwhelmed. It feels as though the more we do, the further away we are from our goals. This is because climate change is an exponential problem – the worse it gets, the faster it gets.” via Paul Polman’s newsletter. Read more on ‘Net Positive’

“Higher ambition, by contrast, fosters hope and urgency. Don’t just set the targets you can get away with, set the targets the world needs. There’s no silver bullet pledge or commitment. Higher ambition is a mindset shift, and the overall test for our actions is: will we leave the world better than we find it?” Read more on ‘Net Positive’

“It falls to leaders, in business, and in politics, to offer people a compelling vision and plan for how we, together, can step up to our historic challenges. It’s not about anyone government or C-Suite having every answer. Indeed no one does and overpromising is counterproductive. But it is about elevating our ambition to match our challenges.” Read more on ‘Net Positive’

“Microsoft has decided to remove from the air all the carbon it’s emitted since the company was first launched in 1975. Walmart has committed to protecting or restoring at least 50 million hectares of land and one million square miles of ocean. BT Group plans to by 2030 have a workforce with a 50% gender split, 25% from an ethnic minority and 17% with a disability. Lush has taken an admirable stand against the social media platforms it believes harm the mental health of its core demographic of young girls. There’s Ikea, Orsted, Schneider Electric, the +70 apparel companies collaborating through the Fashion Pact to, among other things, eliminate single use plastics and shift to regenerative cotton. New coalitions are emerging in sector after sector, especially on climate and including in hard-to-abate industries such as aviation and shipping.” Read more on ‘Net Positive’

“2022 will be the year of the employee. The way we see work has changed dramatically, sped up by COVID. In the US workers are switching jobs like never before. All over, we want our working lives to hold meaning and we expect the organisations and people we work for to represent and embody our values. Every company now has a Greta in its ranks, and probably many. It’s a trend we can expect more of – and it’s a good thing.” Read more on ‘Net Positive’

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