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Can a frequent flyer tax could solve aviation’s carbon challenge?

“The global aviation industry is responsible for about 2.5 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions – a bigger contribution than Australia – and if the aviation industry was a country, it would be one of the world’s 10 worst polluters.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines were scrambling to adopt various measures to combat emissions and soothe growing guilt among passengers about travelling, including voluntary carbon offset schemes and investing in sustainable jet fuel.

But now, with travellers again flocking to the skies after two years of on and off lockdowns, sustainability experts believe the best way for the sector to meaningfully cut emissions is by taxing frequent flyers. That could be good news for carbon-conscious travellers, but also a problem for Australian airlines and passengers.”

Can a frequent flyer tax could solve aviation’s carbon challenge?
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Absolutely I think this would be a great solution – and I'd be the first to volunteer!!




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