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Human ingenuity will be the genesis for IoT prosperity: thoughtful piece by Jeanne Beliveau-Dunne (Cisco)

Really nice piece by Cisco’s Jeanne Beliveau-Dunne, referring to my keynote at the IoT World Forum in London. We need to think big, beyond business bottom lines, to a common purpose “As business leaders, we must think beyond the fiscal bottom line and technological advances in products and services and ask ourselves, ...

New film by Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Technology vs Humanity – the future is already here!

I am delighted to present this exciting new film on the key topics of my recent Technology vs Humanity book. We shot this in Barcelona, earlier this year, and some of the footage is really special I think. The light and the land/city-scape is just amazing! If I may say so myself, the core ...

New video: conversations with Gerd #4: Futurist Gerd Leonhard explains the megashifts

The Megashifts are a key meme in my new book Technology vs Humanity – this video explains the basics.  Go to for some more details.   Related video: Some images

My open letter to the ‘Partnership on AI to benefit people and society’ (Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, MSFT) just went online at Wired UK

Read it here and please spread the word ! Dear Francesca, Eric, Mustafa, Yann, Ralf, Demis and others at IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon. The Partnership on AI to benefit people and society is a welcome change from the usual celebration of disruption and magic technological progress. I hope it will also usher in ...

Technology vs. Humanity: a Forbes interview with Futurist /Author Gerd Leonhard

Thanks to Paul Armstrong for conducting this interview on my new book Technology vs. Humanity (pre-order via the site while the discount still applies:)).    Read this exclusive preview PDF about my book: Technology-vs.-Humanity Gerd Leonhard Preview Here are some of the best excerpts: “Technology is no longer just a tool we use to ...

The evilfication of Facebook: boiling frogs, faustian bargains, and the pleasure trap: 10 arguments for quitting Facebook (UPDATED)

This post will be updated regularly as I’m deciding on what to do about my Facebook  presence.  Thanks for all your votes btw – you can see the results up to this point here or below. For now, I have decided to dial back 95% as far as my Facebook usage ...

Meet me in Malta tonight (Economist Gala event): ‘machines will have the power of a human brain by 2025’ via the Malta Independent

A nice preview of my keynote at tonight’s event just went online at the Malta Independent. Some snippets: “By the year 2025, machines will have the same power as the human brain and in 2051 they will have the power of the entire global population. Does is sound far-fetched? It is certainly ...

Nice review of my work by in Brazil (in Portuguese): comece já a olhar para 2020 e a preparar a sua empresa

By Cezar Turin  (thanks Cezar!) “Para olhar à frente quebrando o paradigma da visão linear sugiro ver também o excelente vídeo do futurista Gerd Leonhard no YouTube. É longo, cerca de 75 minutos, mas extremamente instigante. Um excelente investimento de tempo. Alguns comentários sobre a apresentação dele. Um ponto que chama atenção é ...

Very interesting global ranking of futurist influencers based on Twitter, Alexa etc – via Ross Dawson. Delighted to be part of it.

Nice to be part of this, among so many esteemed friends, colleagues, influencers and people I admire:). Thanks Ross! Futurist Influence Rankings from Ross Dawson  

My latest newsletter: things you need to read, this week

Subscribe here. Read online here Here are a few things not to be missed as you head into the next week: 1) First, read this brilliant, short piece by John Hagel: The Choice Ahead Regarding Digital Technology  “It will be up to us to ultimately determine how we use that digital technology. Will we use it ...


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