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New video: Futurist Gerd Leonhard in conversation with AT&T’s John Donovan (AT&T Shape LA)

John Donovan (AT&T’s Chief Strategy Officer and Group President) and me had a pretty cool chat about technology, connectivity, media, creativity and humanity – check it out below. I love John’s statement ‘…I guess it is fair to say that you are an optimist”. Indeed.  More details about the event here ...

My comments on “What Black Mirror, Her and the near-future genre tell us about tomorrow” (TheGuardian)

I was recently interviewed by Noah Berlatsky and his piece just went online at TheGuardian  “Taking after George Orwell and JG Ballard, some of the most prophetic and disturbing fiction about the near future continues to be made on TV and film…” Part of the reason that the near future is enjoying ...

PDF with my slides: presentation at Eyes & Ears 2015 in Cologne: Future of Media in a new Ecosystem

Here are more details on this event The future of media: paywill models, robot journalists… and a new media ecosystem The content industries are beginning to come out of ‘the valley of death’, i.e. the era of when everything had to be free and instant. Mobile platforms are emerging as a big ...

HBO Go without needing cable? Welcome to the future of television (good insights via the Guardian)

From channels to platforms…!  Broadcasting converges with Boadbanding:) see my illustrations below. I do think that, outside of the US, it’s more about cable-nevers than cable-cutters:) However, what’s really worrisome is that 49% of subscribers aged 25 to 34 say they are “very likely” to ditch cable. Much of that might ...

▶2 short BBC Interviews on the Future of Television (Futurist Gerd on YouTube)

▶ Gerd Leonhard BBC Interview on the Future of Television – YouTube. These clips were recorded in NY in 2012. Thanks to the BBC for making this available.  

Tribeca Film Festival’s Cara Cusumano urges film industry to forget piracy, embrace internet (I kinda said that before so… good to hear it elsewhere:)

Read the entire post via – there are a lot of good nuggets in here. Thanks Cara.  Here are some excerpts: “Piracy is less about people not wanting to pay and more about just wanting the immediacy – people saying, ‘I want to watch Spiderman right now’ and downloading it,” she ...

Kevin Spacey urges TV channels to give control to viewers – YouTube

via Kevin Spacey urges TV channels to give control to viewers – YouTube. Definitely a good message for everyone – not just the film, TV, music and content industries. Spacey is a very unique guy, indeed.

Via TV industry take note: this is what being disrupted by Amazon looks like

Total digitisation + total efficiency = Digital Darwinism TV industry take note: this is what being disrupted by Amazon looks like – Quartz. Amazon yesterday thrust itself into the increasingly crowded battle for control of your living room, with the launch of its own streaming device, FireTV. The online retailer has an uphill battle ahead in streaming video—a ...

Great Atlantic piece on the Future of TV, and Netflix

Read the whole thing here. That’s because “television,” he says, is a word that’s lost all meaning I don’t know how much longer the idea of a “season” will be something that we feel like we need to adhere to in television. Even the idea of an episode. I think with streaming, ...

Why micro-content is big business (some of my comments via Oisin Lunny, TheGuardian): it’s about Attention not Distribution:)

Oisin Lunny just contributed an interesting post in TheGuardian Media Network quoting some of my comments on the future of content and advertising: Indeed, the current economics of the content and advertising industries are going to be turned on their head by the new mobile video paradigm, according to futurist and Guardian contributor ...


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