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New video: conversations with Gerd #4: Futurist Gerd Leonhard explains the megashifts

The Megashifts are a key meme in my new book Technology vs Humanity – this video explains the basics.  Go to for some more details.   Related video: Some images

TV Interview on the future of technology, banking, digital ethics & humanity: Gerd Leonhard SIBOS 2016

Watch this pretty far-ranging interview, covering a lot of really important themes from my book and of course from The Future Show LIVE which premiered at SIBOS 2016 as well Experience the future like never before with this innovative event concept designed for challenging decision makers. Technology is changing our world exponentially ...

New Slideshare presentation: the digital transformation of society and business (compilation)

The digital transformation of society and business: 2020. Futurist keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard (compilation) from Gerd Leonhard Download the PDF: Digital transformation future 2020 keynote speaker futurist humanist Gerd Leonhard techvshuman-web 10MB PDF And some best-of images

Here are my best-of-2015 slides featuring the most important memes from my 80+ talks – all in one huge slideshare deck!

The end of the year is always a good time to review and reflect upon what worked well, and what did not, so here are those slides, memes and topics that repeatedly struck a chord with my audiences in 2015, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, automation and the future of human work, ...

The slides: BiznesTrendy event in Warsaw: digital transformation and the future of business

yes… this a popular topic right now:))  Link to the event digital transformation society warsaw biznestrendy High Res 20MB PDF digital transformation society warsaw biznestrendy Low Res 4.5 MB PDF Magdalena Petryniak, dyrektor merytoryczna Biznes Trendy w rozmowie z ekspertem Gali finałowej Gerdem Leonhardem. Gerd Leonhard światowy autorytet w dziedzinie cyfrowej transformacji biznesu. Uznany ekspert w zakresie innowacyjnych ...

The Slides and the audio recording of my keynote at SSON Eastern Europe in Warsaw: the future of businesses

As promised :))  More event details here PDF 20 MB eastern europe shared services future of business gerd leonhard keynote public And here, finally is the audio recording of my talk: Low res version of my slides via dropbox And the usual best-of’s:  

Here are the slides from today’s Whitebull 2015 Pathways Barcelona event: investing in the future

Here are the slides as promised:)  Event details here Gerd Leonhard: Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Wired top 100 influencer : “Investing in the Future: The Key Things to Consider for the Next Five Years.” investing in the future gerd leonhard futurist keynote speaker-web 5MB PDF low res investing in the future gerd leonhard futurist keynote speaker  high res ...

New video on digital transformation, automation, robotics: Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s keynote at KPMG symposium Chicago

This is a nicely recorder video and one of my best talks to-date, imho:)  Thanks to KPMG for making this available!  Topic: the digital transformation of business and society; a futuristic view of impacts that the shift from labor to automation will have on businesses and society in general. Read more about the ...

The future of business, and what that means for the shipping and maritime industries (summary of my key messages at Shipserve Smart Procurement event 2015) Great Circle

The Great Circle just published 2 good pieces on my recent talk at a Shipserve / Fathom shipping event/ (more details on that event, here). Part 1:  for a stake in the future, embrace the competition Part 2: creative destruction and value creation Some high-lights below Leonhard says that adaption is more a question of ...


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