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Meet Futurist Gerd Leonhard in London October 4: Keynote at BREAKOUT2017: Ethical codes for a digital age

I am delighted to be able to contribute to this unique event in London, on October 4 2017 (for more details and updates go here). My keynote will be on AI and other exponential technologies, in the context of digital ethics. Get your tickets. Digital technologies are disrupting the world around ...

The future of marketing: man and machine (my deck from FODM 2016 in London)

Here is my deck from today’s FODM event in London Future of marketing man or machine FODM 2016 London futurist gerd leonhard Public deck  40MB high res Future of marketing man or machine FODM 2016 London futurist gerd leonhard Public deck-web 10 MB low-res Keynote:The ultimate marketer of the future – human or machine? If ...

Video and slides from my presentation at PING Helsinki: the future of content, technology and humanity (updated)

This was a fantastic event at a fantastic location (Langvik near Helsinki)  Event site PING Helsinki Future Content Technology Humanity Gerd Leonhard Public-web  low res 10 MB (PDF) Future of #content – @gleonhard‘s keynote as visual notes by @saurau at the #pinghelsinki event UPDATE May 19: here is the video – thanks to ...

The World in 2016: slides + video of Gerd Leonhard’s keynote on the future of business and humanity (Economist Gala 2016) UPDATED

Event Details Malta Economist Future 2016 Gerd Leonhard Public high res PDF 32 MB Malta Economist Future 2016 Gerd Leonhard Public-web Low Res 6.9 MB     A special thanks to The Economist for having me speak at this great event, and another special thanks to Godfrey Grima for some fantastic background on Malta Some best-of slides and ...

Great theme and video: labels are for cans not for people (coca cola ad campaign)

Didier Marlier, a good friend, leadership expert and fellow Futures Agency speaker / member, posted a great story about labelling people today, here, entitled  “relationships are pathways to the intelligence of the system” The video below was embedded in his post – it shows how different people think about each other when ...

My presentation at BMT 2015 in Biel Switzerland: the future of marketing (in GERMAN)

Event details Low res PDF:Zukunft des Marketing 2020 FuturistGerd BMT Public-web 10MB High res via dropbox 

PDF with my slides: presentation at Eyes & Ears 2015 in Cologne: Future of Media in a new Ecosystem

Here are more details on this event The future of media: paywill models, robot journalists… and a new media ecosystem The content industries are beginning to come out of ‘the valley of death’, i.e. the era of when everything had to be free and instant. Mobile platforms are emerging as a big ...

The future of media, publishing, advertising: a conversation with Yuri van Geest and Gerd Leonhard (TFA presents #5)

This is the latest addition to ‘The Futures Agency presents‘, featuring a conversation with Yuri van Geest and me.  Yuri is the co-author of the must-read book ‘Exponential Organisations’ and Singularity University NL ambassador, for more details see and futurist Gerd Leonhard   Yuri and me discuss the key trends in media, content, publishing, ...

New opinion piece on CNN Money: "the disturbing consequences of ultra-connectivity" (Gerd Leonhard)

CNN Money just published a new opinion piece penned by me, and edited by Alanna Petroff, in connection with their Mobile World Congress Barcelona coverage. Here are some of the most crucial snippets: Smartphones and mobile devices have given each of us a ‘second brain,’ allowing us to navigate new cities without getting ...

New slideshow on the future of marketing, advertising and the Internet (best-of by Gerd Leonhard)

The future of marketing, advertising and the Internet: Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard from Gerd Leonhard Download the PDF (low res): future of marketing advertising internet Futurist Gerd Leonhard SS-web


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