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Nice video of a recent session for Sanoma NL: the Future of Media (what will happen to advertising?)

How do you keep the advertisers happy without selling out readers? – The future of media show – Episode 1 | Special thanks to Christopher and Jonathan Marks

Here's a short video with my key points on digital transformation (FINCO 2014)

This is a short summary version of my presentation at SONAE’s FINCO event in Lisbon, on October 27, 2014.  More details, slides and images at my blog i.e. Full-length audio-only version can be downloaded at A related interview is at

Audio-version of my keynote at FINCO SONAE 2014: digital transformation and the future of business, commerce and technology

Here is the audio-only version of my FINCO 2014 talk High res dropbox MP3 (96MB) or via my OwnCloud Server Download the slides here Be sure to watch this related video (short clip with an interview)

Short video on ‘advertising of the past’ versus advertising in the future

This is a a short clip from my 2013 presentation at the Guardian advertising summit. Download the slides here …from tracking, targeting, tempting and terrorising to sense-making... Some best-of’s:

Here are the slides from my presentation at FINCO2014 Sonae in Lisbon: Digital Transformation

As promised… here they are: Finco Sonae Digital Transformation Lisbon Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard Public-web  10 MB PDF or download via dropbox (same file). More on Finco2014 Nice clip from the dinner entertainment the night before – talk about immersive!!     High res 45 MB PDF via Dropbox and some best-of’s  

Here are the slides from my presentation at the eBay Enterprise Commerce Marketing launch event in London, today

Digital Transformation: the Future of Marketing / Advertising, Big Data, Content and Media – the next 5 years Direct low res PDF 8MB:  digital transformation gerd leonhard futurist public Via dropbox:  low res 7MB  PDF        high res 27 MB PDF   Some best-of pics: ...

Good example of how NOT to do things: Bloomberg’s wifi sponsoring at London City Airport (LCY)

It never fails to amaze me how many companies miss a really potent chance for meaningful interaction and engagement after they spend a ton of money to reach people.  A case in point is what Bloomberg is doing at London City Airport (LCY) which I often fly to when I go to ...

Update: VIDEO and pdf with my slides. Agency Symposium in Hunter Valley (AUS): the future of advertising, marketing and agencies

More information on this event here.  Download the PDF: Future of Business Marketing Advertising Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard Public-web  8.5MB Dropbox version (same file). Dropbox high res version (34 MB PDF) NEW: the video is now available   The Future Of Business, Media And Advertising – The Next 5 Years The exponential progress in technology is ...

The slides with my presentation at RDV Media in Montreal: Future of Media and Marketing in a digital world

Here are the slides from today’s event in Montreal, as promised!:   Future of Media Marketing Montreal Gerd Futurist Speaker PUBLIC-web  12 MB PDF Dropbox version: high res 44 MB PDF  Dropbox low res version, same file on Owncloud MÉDIAS, COMMUNICATIONS, MARKETING : QUEL AVENIR POUR L’INDUSTRIE?   Les tendances lourdes auxquelles font face ...

Via Fernando del Rio: 10 Términos Y Expresiones Futuristas – Los Neologismos Favoritos Del Futurista Gerd Leonhard (Spanish Translation of my 10 fav memes)

Thanks to my company’s i.e. TheFuturesAgency’s (TFA) new Director of Research, Fernando del Rio we now have a nice Spanish translation of my recent – and despite its length quite popular – piece with my 10 futurist terms and memes.  Fernando del Río also mans TFA’s new spanish language Twitter feed.  Read this piece on ...


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