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The Future of Media / Die Zukunft der Medien: the slides from yesterday's Furtwangen event (in German)

Here they are!  GERMAN TEXT. Zukunft der Medien Gerd Leonhard Disruption Transformation Public-web  6MB PDF High res dropbox version 25 MB PDF High-lights:

The future of media and content is not (just) about technology: it's about Humanity (short video by Futurist Gerd Leonhard)

Would love to know what you think about this… A short message from me: And here’s the entire talk: And don’t forget to watch my new video on tech vs humanity 

PDF with my slides: presentation at Eyes & Ears 2015 in Cologne: Future of Media in a new Ecosystem

Here are more details on this event The future of media: paywill models, robot journalists… and a new media ecosystem The content industries are beginning to come out of ‘the valley of death’, i.e. the era of when everything had to be free and instant. Mobile platforms are emerging as a big ...

A quick audioboom (podcast) on the future of streaming music

Listen to ‘Gerd Leonhard’s quick take on the future of music streaming’ on audioBoom // Future of Streaming Music  

Good example of how obsession with our mobile devices may cause us to miss out on the best things in life…

… the picture pretty much says it all:) A sign of the times. #canon_photos A photo posted by Eric J. Smith (@esmith_images) on Feb 2, 2015 at 11:03pm PST

Videos and the PDF with my slides from my keynote at MojoCon Dublin: the future of (mobile) media.

More about this event   Go here to get view the videos and presentations shared by Glen Mulcahy RTÉ MojoCon Ireland is the first international conference focusing on mobile journalism, mobile filmmaking and mobile photography all in one event. The future is mobile, the future is now… Mojocon Dublin Future of Media Gerd Leonhard Futurist ...

Download Futurist Gerd Leonhard's books for free (PDF), via GerdCloud: Future of Content, Friction is Fiction and more

Greetings, as you may know, I have shared most of my books via my “GerdCloud” public dropbox folder for quite some time now.  Just in case you’ve missed this, here they are, individually. Happy reading!  Folder with PDFs of all books via GerdCloud The Future of Content (2011): Dropbox or direct download Friction is Fiction  (2010): Dropbox ...

The future of music: streaming to 2 Billion 'paying' users – if only the industry would allow it!

Update: cartoon via TheOatmeal (hat tip to Harriett Brand). Good read on Lately, it seems like I just can’t escape the increasing coverage on much certain misguided artists, labels, music managers or other music industry people dislike streaming / on-demand music platforms such as  Spotify, Deezer or Simfy etc.  Even thought I have vowed ...

The future of media, publishing, advertising: a conversation with Yuri van Geest and Gerd Leonhard (TFA presents #5)

This is the latest addition to ‘The Futures Agency presents‘, featuring a conversation with Yuri van Geest and me.  Yuri is the co-author of the must-read book ‘Exponential Organisations’ and Singularity University NL ambassador, for more details see and futurist Gerd Leonhard   Yuri and me discuss the key trends in media, content, publishing, ...

Popcorntime ?

“Despite the widespread success of internet-based content smorgasbords with simple pricing models like Netflix, piracy endures. And TV and movie piracy, at least, is almost impossible to wipe out.” – Popcorn Time delivers free video content on a pretty interface without making you feel shady from Tumblr via IFTTT


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