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Great read about datamining, and nice animation (via Bloomberg)

The Brutal Fight to Mine Your Data and Sell It to Your Boss. Silicon Valley makes billions of dollars peddling personal information, supported by an ecosystem of bit players. One of them, an upstart called HiQ, is going up against LinkedIn in a battle for your lucrative professional identity.  By Drake ...

New video: conversations with Gerd #3: technology is not what we seek but how we seek

An important distinction. Watch this short clip below, or watch all ‘conversations with Gerd’. Or download high-res version via my new GerdCloud2 (Public Google Drive). Produced by the fabulous Jean Francois Cardella and TFA Studio, as always!  

The most important bottom lines from Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s “Technology vs Humanity” book, in 5 minutes (video)

Here is a brand-new video my TFA Studio team and me recorded a few weeks ago, explaining the key memes set forth in my new book “Technology vs Humanity”, such as Androrithms, The Megashifts, Exponentiality, Artificial Intelligence and much more.  Watch this short film if you’re interested in my book, or ...

Never offline with the Apple Watch – great gif ! Yet: offline is the new luxury

This really nails it – from TIME magazine Sept 22 2014   (and btw – our brains are next!) Another truth – offline is the new luxury:) source

This Dilbert cartoon really nails it: mood meds, 3d printing and robots programming humans

Thanks to my colleague Rudy de Waele for sharing this. Source and credits.

A nice nice short video clip about caffeine

Found on Reveal via Dave Pell and his fab Next Draft newsletter Consumer groups have been calling for better oversight of the many new caffeinated products on the market. Energy drinks, which are not required to display the amount of caffeine they contain, prompted more than 20,000 U.S. emergency room visits in 2011, ...


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