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Why the Singularity is certain to happen in my own lifetime, and how it matters (Futurist/Humanist Gerd Leonhard)

I recently came to an important realisation: I will most likely see the so-called Singularity happen in my own lifetime. I’m 56, and I believe that this inflection point at which computers, ‘thinking machines’ and AI become infinitely and recursively powerful is no more than 20-25 years away, at most ...

When Moore’s Law Met AI – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Computing – Medium

“AI is bigger than Moore’s Law In a nutshell, this shift by Tesla summarizes the kinds of demand machine learning-like applications are going to make on available processing. It isn’t just autonomous vehicles. It will be our connected devices, on-device inferencing to support personal interfaces, voice interactions and augmented reality. In addition, ...

Artificial intelligence, thinking machines and the future of humanity – new video of my keynote at the Accenture CIO Forum in Hong Kong

This just arrived 🙂  Thanks to Accenture Hong Kong for inviting me, and for making this video available. More about the event here. Download the MP4 file here Download the deck from this talk: AI Thinking Machines and Humanity Futurist Gerd Leonhard low res   PDF 20MB

Technology vs. Humanity: a Forbes interview with Futurist /Author Gerd Leonhard

Thanks to Paul Armstrong for conducting this interview on my new book Technology vs. Humanity (pre-order via the site while the discount still applies:)).    Read this exclusive preview PDF about my book: Technology-vs.-Humanity Gerd Leonhard Preview Here are some of the best excerpts: “Technology is no longer just a tool we use to ...

The future of marketing: man and machine (my deck from FODM 2016 in London)

Here is my deck from today’s FODM event in London Future of marketing man or machine FODM 2016 London futurist gerd leonhard Public deck  40MB high res Future of marketing man or machine FODM 2016 London futurist gerd leonhard Public deck-web 10 MB low-res Keynote:The ultimate marketer of the future – human or machine? If ...

The Futurebots are here: IBM Watson ingests 2,000 TED Talks, now answers your deepest questions. The end of Futurists? Take the Poll.

via GIPHY Great read via Business Insider UK about IBM’s Watson ‘watching’ and understanding (?) and analysing (ok… yes) 2000+ Ted Talks. He/she/it (?) now knows everything there is about trivial questions such as What is the relationship between money and psychology?      What is the secret to happiness?  What is the meaning of ...

Must-watch talk on machine learning and AI: Google DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis. Will Silicon Valley be ‘Mission Control for Humanity’?

This is a brilliant talk by the founder of Deepmind, Demis Hassabis, that affords a good glimpse behind the scenes of Silicon Valley AI / Machine / Deep Learning outfits, and what people like Demis are thinking. My key concern is somewhat reflected in this image (screen-shotted from the video, below, and slightly marked-up): ...

Frank Diana just published a great review and summary of my recent KPMG Exec Symposium talk on Automation and Robotics

READ MORE on Frank Diana’s blog:  At a recent KPMG Robotic Innovations event, Futurist and friend Gerd Leonhard delivered a keynote titled “The Digital Transformation of Business and Society: Challenges and Opportunities by 2020”. I highly recommend viewing the Video of his presentation. As Gerd describes, he is a Futurist focused on ...

The complete video of my recent keynote on artificial intelligence (Envestnet India Trivandrum Event)

Here it is, finally! Apologies for the rather undistinguished audio quality. More about this event here.  More about AI and me here and here and some images as usual


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