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Great piece by Doug Stephens: future of retail

The Future of Retail: The Segment of One Today, there’s an entirely new revolution brewing and it’s coming at a velocity and scale that I suspect will be incomprehensible compared to all that came before it. It will wed the skill and precision of the world’s finest craftsmen with ...

New Video: Futurists Hangout: The Future of Retail & Commerce. Doug Stephens, Gerd Leonhard, Carlo Donzella

Futurists Hangout: Future of Retail & Commerce. Doug Stephens, Gerd Leonhard, Carlo Donzella – YouTube. This is the recorded version of a March 20 2013 Google hangout session with Futurist Speakers and @FuturesAgency members  Doug Stephens Gerd Leonhard and Carlo Donzella discussing future trends in regards to shopping, ...

The Future Of Retail: slides via Business Insider (must read)

A ton of great intelligence and facts here – Must Read. Would be greater even if these guys provided a PDF download – someone please tell them:) The Future Of Retail [SLIDE DECK] – Business Insider.

Interesting piece: the value of the internet now and in the future | The Economist

Technology: The value of the internet now and in the future | The Economist. So one way to measure the value of online search would be to measure how much time it saves us compared to methods we used in the bad old days before Google. Based on a random sample ...

My presentation on the future of eCommerce and Shopping at Tengelmann eDay (in German language)

For all of you that were in Düsseldorf, here are the edited slides, low res (in GERMAN language). Hoffentlich werden wir bald auch ein Video haben. Sorry to my English readers — check Slideshare for related resources from me.   Update vom 20.5. 2013: hier ist das Video.    

How Tablets Are Transforming Business (great examples)

How Tablets Are Transforming Business – Business Insider.

Must-read Morgan Stanley report: eCommerce Disruption (via Business Insider)

The Morgan Stanley team expects the eCommerce opportunity – “retail sales disruption” – to get even bigger in the next few years, and says global eCommerce sales could top $1 trillion by 2016. via Morgan Stanley: eCommerce Disruption – Business Insider. MUST READ; great resource.

Showrooming: the Retail Business needs Design Thinking (Cartoon via Futurelab)

Showrooming is Why the Retail Business needs Design Thinking | Futurelab – We are marketing and customer strategy consultants with a passion for profit and innovation.. Love the cartoon:))

New video: the Future of Technology in a Digital Society (Systematic Forum Paris, June 2012)

This video below is one of my favorite presentations (if I may say so, myself); it just went live on my Youtube channel and on my video feed (use this one to download the whole thing or just subscribe to it on iTunes). This is the complete recording of ...

New video: the future of business and the global shift to a networked society (HBR Poland Keynote)

This is the complete (approx 80 minutes) video of my keynote at the HBR Poland conference in Warszawa March 16 2012. The slides are sometimes a bit hard to see as the video zooms back and forth so if desired you can download the complete PDF (high-res, 26MB) with my ...


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