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The complete video of my recent keynote on artificial intelligence (Envestnet India Trivandrum Event)

Here it is, finally! Apologies for the rather undistinguished audio quality. More about this event here.  More about AI and me here and here and some images as usual

Nice and simple explanation of the Circular Economy

… which is rapidly becoming a big part of my ‘future of business’ storytelling. Read more at Wikipedia. Related… system thinking and the IoT Image via MetroVancouver

The Internet of Things and its unintended consequences: why we should proceed with caution

Download the PDF version: The Internet of Things and its unintended consequences: why we should proceed with caution   Download all my other stuff via GerdCloud/Dropbox The Internet of Things (IoT) / Internet of Everything / Industrial Internet is sizzling hot. Everywhere I go people ask me about it. Almost every single event I ...

Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard's short film on technology versus humanity #techvshuman

I am very excited to announce the release of my new short film “Technology versus Humanity”. This film marks the beginning of a new period for me, with much of my future work focusing on the topic of how exponential technological changes are changing what and who we are, as humans, where ...

Great Guardian piece on automation, the IoT and the future of job, with some juicy Gerd quotes

I was interviewed for this piece last week – read it here. “If we do this wrong, the technology providers could end up destroying hundreds of millions of jobs with products and services in the cloud, which makes these businesses indispensable and very rich,” says Gerd Leonhard, futurist, author and CEO ...

Exponential digital transformation in business and enterprise: the PDF with my slides from my keynote at IBS Stockholm, today

As announced, here are my slides from today’s IBS’s event here in Stockholm : exponential digital transformation business enterprise IBS Connect Gerd Leonhard Public-web  5MB PDF High res version via dropbox 27 MB PDF   and some best-of’s:  

Download this new Osborne/Frey/Bakhshi report on creativity vs the robots and the future of work

Great stuff, here, found via the WSJ Bits blog Download here, directly: work osborn frey creativity_vs._robots_wv My related Twitter hashtags: #Workupation #Robotization #manmachine Some of the best graphs from the report Related video from The Future Show  

TFA presents #7: the future of work and jobs. A conversation with futurists Rohit Talwar, Simon Torrance, Gerd Leonhard

This seventh episode of ‘TFA presents’ features futurists Simon Torrance, Rohit Talwar and Gerd Leonhard talking about the future of work, jobs, employment, HR and training. Shot in London January 28th, 2015. Special thanks also to Claire at

Meet me at the CEOClubs Greece event in Athens April 28, 2015: the next 7 years in business

I am delighted to do another event with the CEO Clubs organization, following my engagement in Bucharest last year.  This one will be held in Athens on April 28, 2015, at the Pentelikon Hotel. Please join me if you’re close-by, and spread the word to your Greek friends! PDF with details ...


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