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Some of my key 2020 messages: transformation, techvshuman, exponentiality… and the future

Here is a new slideshow I just uploaded to Flickr (Slideshare to follow)   create with flickr badge. …and some pics for direct downloading

Meet me at TedX in Brussels December 1, 2014

This will be fun:).  Thanks for the nice illustration @tedxbrussels :))

US Report Projects High Toll on Economy From Global Warming (via the NYT): Ego-to-Eco shift is finally happening?

Interesting to see that now that Global Warming (or rather, its consequences) has become a serious business issue, everyone is much more open to discussing it…? If greenhouse gas emissions continue at a rapid pace, the report said, the global sea level could increase roughly a foot by 2050, and double ...

Rebooting Business: the slides from my presentation at Fort Collins Startup Week. New vimeo and youtube videos

More information on Fort Collins Startup Week. Download: Rebooting business Gerd Leonhard Futurist FCSW14 Public-web (7MB PDF)  or use the Owncloud version 7MB (same file) Dropbox high res version (30MB PDF) Update:  a nice review of my talk just went online at the Northern Colorado Business Report website: Tech Challenges creating Future Opportunities But it’s ...

The clean energy transition is unstoppable, so why fight it (must-read by Chris Nelder)

Just ran across this interesting piece by energy analyst Chris Nelder, in the Huffington Post  More about Chris The clean energy transition is unstoppable, so why fight it? Within days of my February article, CEO Peter Terium of the German utility RWE, called the clean energy transition in the electricity markets “unstoppable” and “irreversible… Nafeez ...

English-only as well as Turkish-overdup versions of my talk at Future Day Istanbul 3/1/2014: being human in a digital society

This is the ENGLISH language i.e. original version of my talk at the March 1 2014 Future Day in Istanbul. You can download the slides here. ‘Intelligent machines’ are increasingly interconnecting. The Internet of Things is imminent, with sensor networks and mobile devices connecting everyone and everything everywhere in the near future., Singularity’ – the ...

What if economic growth is no longer possible in the 21st century (good read via

This post is spot-on and brings up some key questions. Be sure to read the whole thing. What if economic growth is no longer possible in the 21st century? One possible scenario, with surprisingly good news for average Americans, is that constraints on growth will force political leaders to accept redistribution as ...

New video: sustainability trends and future scenarios; discussion with fellow futurist Ross Dawson (meeting of the minds #8)

This is a nice and imho quite concise 10-minute video clip in which fellow futurist Ross Dawson and me discuss the future of sustainability, the global shift from Ego to Eco, sustainable capitalism and the triple bottom line concept (John Elkington).  You can watch the other MeetingOfTheMinds videos here.   Some related ...

New video: heading towards 2020 – what’s our future? Key trends, foresights, memes (and more on ‘Ego to Eco’)

I actually recorded this ‘2020 foresights’ video in October 2012 to contribute to a project headed by Daniel Egger at Foltigo (Sao Paulo, Brazil), therefore some comments refer to Brazil but 99% of what I talk about here is applicable anywhere.  I ran across the video again, today, and it ...

Paul Gilding on business vs. business and the real climate change battle

Says Paul Gilding: An increasing number of companies and business leaders are beginning to recognize that climate change threatens their economic success, in some cases their survival. As a concept this is not new. The negative economic impacts of climate change have long been clear, both broadly and on specific sectors. ...


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