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▶ New keynote video (in German language): Digitale Transformation: die wichtigsten Zukunftstrends: Futurist Redner Gerd Leonhard IICO2014 – YouTube

▶ DIGITALE TRANSFORMATION: Die wichtigsten Zukunftstrends: Futurist Redner Gerd Leonhard IICO2014 – YouTube. More details here.   Thanks to IICO for making this available.

▶ Inventing the Future of Connectivity (Facebook video on connecting developing countries – with drones)

Facebook’s Yael Maguire talks about the technologies we’re working on that will make connectivity more affordable in communities around the world. via ▶ Inventing the Future of Connectivity – YouTube. I love the idea of drones providing internet access – they would make a lot of sense given that Facebook et al ...

The inevitable result of the digitization of content and media is dramatically ‘per unit’ revenue- but 1000x users

… a key slide from my last presentation on the future of music, see more details here.

China’s internet: A giant cage (via The Economist), dissidents in China say “freedom is knowing how big your cage is”

Fascinating piece on the Internet in China. “The fastest growth in internet use is in China’s poorer, more rural provinces, partly because of a surge in users connecting via mobile devices, which now outnumber those connecting from computers. The internet is no longer confined to an urban, educated and relatively well-off ...

JWT’s Things to Watch: Music Edition (October 2011 slideshow): Must-read!

From 2011 but totally current stuff – must-read and think!!! Things to Watch: Music Edition (October 2011) from JWTIntelligence

New video: Rebooting Media: my presentation at the Belfast Media Festival 2012

This is a very nicely recorded video (thanks to the BBC NI and their fabulous studio in Belfast) and I cover a lot of ground as far as the future of media is concerned; one of my best talks on this topic, to date, imho:)  Enjoy and share! You can download ...

The Future of the Music Business – a new Ecosystem (the ultimate slideshow)

My final words on this:))) And be sure to read this 'evidence' via Hypebot, too           The future of the music business: creating a new ecosystem (Futurist & Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard) from Gerd Leonhard

Free webinar on September 4, 2012: Future of Television: Social, Mobile, Over-the-top…? (Stowe Boyd and Gerd Leonhard)

Please join me for this unique event (there is no charge except for your attention:) The Future of Television: Social, Mobile, Over-the-top? With Stowe Boyd and Gerd Leonhard (The Futures Agency) on Sep 4, 2012 5:00 PM CEST Social web strategist, speaker and blogger Stowe Boyd and futurist, speaker & author Gerd Leonhard are ...

Update: PDFs, audio and video from July 17, 2012 webinar on the Future of Media (Futurists Gerd Leonhard and Ross Dawson) | Media Futures with Gerd and Ross

Today’s webinar was a really fun event; great questions from the audience (roughly 50 people were online), and nice interactions using the pretty cool GoToMeeting tools (no video, tho:).  Gerd’s PDF is available for download here (20 MB high res), and Ross’s PDF is here.  Both are provided under creative commons attribution ...


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