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This is how Big Oil will die – NewCo Shift (must read)

  “It’s 2025, and 800,000 tons of used high strength steel is coming up for auction. The steel made up the Keystone XL pipeline, finally completed in 2019, two years after the project launched with great fanfare after approval by the Trump administration. The pipeline was built at a cost of about ...

Barack Obama on food and climate change: ‘We can still act and it won’t be too late’ – brilliant stuff (via TheGuardian)

  “During the course of my presidency, I made climate change a top priority, because I believe that, for all the challenges that we face, this is the one that will define the contours of this century more dramatically perhaps than the others. No nation, whether it’s large or small, rich ...

Electric cars and cheap solar could halt fossil fuel growth by 2020 (The Guardian)

“Polluting fuels could lose 10% of market share to solar power and clean cars within a decade, the report by the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and the Carbon Tracker Initiative found. A 10% loss of market share was enough to cause the collapse of the coal mining industry in ...

How to understand the state of carbon consumption (short video via the Economist)

Nice video via The Economist Films China and India are perceived to be the worst emitters of carbon dioxide. But much changes when adjustments are made for population, GDP levels and carbon consumption per person  

Thomas Piketty proposes flight tax to raise climate funds (and I’d be inclined to support it)

Read the piece at The Guardian   This proposal makes sense to me – even thought I’d be hit hard by it, myself, given how much I travel for my keynotes and talks. I have suggested something quite similar 5 years ago when I argued that we should pay 2x for each plane ...

▶ Jeremy Rifkin on Singularity 1 on 1 (video)

▶ Jeremy Rifkin on Singularity 1 on 1 – YouTube. I am a great fan of Jeremy Rifkin and his ‘collaborative commons’ and ‘zero marginal cost’ approach. Watch this video, and check out his books.

US Report Projects High Toll on Economy From Global Warming (via the NYT): Ego-to-Eco shift is finally happening?

Interesting to see that now that Global Warming (or rather, its consequences) has become a serious business issue, everyone is much more open to discussing it…? If greenhouse gas emissions continue at a rapid pace, the report said, the global sea level could increase roughly a foot by 2050, and double ...

The clean energy transition is unstoppable, so why fight it (must-read by Chris Nelder)

Just ran across this interesting piece by energy analyst Chris Nelder, in the Huffington Post  More about Chris The clean energy transition is unstoppable, so why fight it? Within days of my February article, CEO Peter Terium of the German utility RWE, called the clean energy transition in the electricity markets “unstoppable” and “irreversible… Nafeez ...

New video: sustainability trends and future scenarios; discussion with fellow futurist Ross Dawson (meeting of the minds #8)

This is a nice and imho quite concise 10-minute video clip in which fellow futurist Ross Dawson and me discuss the future of sustainability, the global shift from Ego to Eco, sustainable capitalism and the triple bottom line concept (John Elkington).  You can watch the other MeetingOfTheMinds videos here.   Some related ...

6 Ways To Make Brand Sustainability Resonate With Consumers | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

6 Ways To Make Brand Sustainability Resonate With Consumers | Co.Exist | ideas + impact.


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