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Video and slides: my presentation from today's CEO Clubs Greece event in Athens: digital transformation, and the future of Europe and… Greece

Great event here in Athens today! Really amazing to see that much optimism and openness despite all the really tough issues, here in Greece, right now. Link to event details (PDF) Update: here’s the video This is the key slide I just added, in retrospect:) Athens CEO Clubs Greece Gerd Leonhard Public nP-web 6MB ...

▶ New video (via Sanoma NL): how do large companies innovate as start-ups? | The Future of Media

via ▶ How do large companies innovate as start-ups? | The Future of Media | #2 – YouTube. Thanks to Jonathan Marks and Christopher Marks and Sanoma Lab NL for making this happen!

Interesting Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista

• Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista. This is an interesting chart provided by Statista  – 3x as many people think this is OK in the US vs Germany. But even in the US, only 37% agree. It seems to me we have a bunch of really different world-views ...

Featured Interview in NZZ today “Offline is the new luxury” (in German language)

I was featured in the Neue Züricher Zeitung (NZZ), one of the biggest Swiss newspapers today (yes, all digeratis love print:), interview-style (33 questions), in German.  Here are some excerpts: Ist die Weiterbildung im Management auf der Höhe der Zeit? Und aufgrund welcher Erfahrungen glauben Sie das beurteilen zu können? Dank meinen ...

I am featured in today’s LeTemps newspaper in Switzerland (in French): Un futurologue demande de s’opposer à l’approche numérique américaine

This is a really great piece written by one of the best journalists I have ever met, Emmanuel Garessus, at Le Temps in Zürich and Genève, in French. Unfortunately  and somewhat ironically, has such an elaborate paywall that it’s hard to actually read this online, on their site, so… try this ...

▶ New keynote video (in German language): Digitale Transformation: die wichtigsten Zukunftstrends: Futurist Redner Gerd Leonhard IICO2014 – YouTube

▶ DIGITALE TRANSFORMATION: Die wichtigsten Zukunftstrends: Futurist Redner Gerd Leonhard IICO2014 – YouTube. More details here.   Thanks to IICO for making this available.

My presentation at DAFM / SKAP event in Stockholm, today (PDF): a futuristic outlook on the creator, consumer & the business in between (video too)

just a quick update: here is the PDF.  More details about this event, here Dropbox low res 7MB Dropbox high res 28MB Owncloud low res PDF Update: here is the video, via vimeo (nice recording, too)   To: Robert Levine: this is NOT a copyright symbol at the bottom of my slides: it’s my TWITTER HANDLE.  ...

Here are my presentations at DeHaagse Hogeschool in TheHaque NL (today)

Great event at DeHaagse Hogeschool ‘onderwijsdag’ today! Part 1: Keynote speech on future of education, universities and technologies / ICT Dropbox: 10MB Owncloud (Gerd): 26MB high res PDF (NEW) Part 2: Presentation and discussion on the wireframing the future of universities (please note: most of these slides weren’t actually showsn due to the ...

New Video: Meeting of the minds (MOTM) #5: the key future trends (Ross Dawson / Gerd Leonhard)

This is Meeting of the Minds episode #5 featuring my fellow futurist Ross Dawson and me discussing the key trends for the next 5 years: from ego to eco, human-machine interfaces and overlaps, sustainability, OTT media, the future of energy, collective vs artificial intelligence, distributed value creation, the p2p economy, ...

Video and slides of my presentation at Pathways Barcelona 2013: the future of technology – looking backwards (updated)

Update October 14th: the video with my entire keynote speech just went live, check it out, below. Download the slides: Dropbox 8MB PDF Owncloud 8MB PDF btw: all my files (presos, books etc) can be downloaded at (my public dropbox folder)


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