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Even the BAXTER bot enjoys reading my new book “Technology vs Humanity” (and a drone is delivering it)

Images by Matt McLelland    – Thanks ! Buy the book via Amazon or directly via my publisher. Read  more about the book here.  Read the reviews.  Read the bottom lines. Watch the films.

So this is what VIRTUALIZATION really means: Apple EarPods 2020 (have a laugh)

Just saw this on LinkedIn and thought it makes a great example for what I have come to call THE MEGASHIFTS — in particular, virtualization, datafication and intelligization.  Technology intends to move INSIDE of us, becoming invisible and indistinguishable from us. Is that a good idea – what do you ...

Never offline with the Apple Watch – great gif ! Yet: offline is the new luxury

This really nails it – from TIME magazine Sept 22 2014   (and btw – our brains are next!) Another truth – offline is the new luxury:) source

Video: auto-tuned cows

Some overzealous musician finally fixed this flaw of nature: cows don’t really moo in tune

▶ Great Dodge Charger Video ad; Leader of the human resistance by Chrysler Group – YouTube

via ▶ Introducing the 2011 Dodge Charger, Leader of the human resistance by Chrysler Group – YouTube. Great anti-commercial re. self-driving cars etc:)))

Jimmy Kimmel Hilarious Video Accenture Getting unf****d via Jimmy Kimmel Live Accenture Getting – YouTube.

The Internet, Then and Now … (Comic) via Re/code

The Internet, Then and Now … (Comic) | Re/code. There is a lot of truth in this one:)


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