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Life in 2030: these are the 4 things experts can’t predict (must read via the WEF)

“This explosion of connectivity brings new possibilities, but also economic and social vulnerabilities. The level of coordination and coding required to stitch the Internet of Things together is orders of magnitude more complicated than any historical endeavour yet. It is likely that things will break and no one will know ...

Martin Seligman: We Aren’t Built to Live in the Moment (why we are all futurists) via NYT

  “What best distinguishes our species is an ability that scientists are just beginning to appreciate: We contemplate the future. Our singular foresight created civilization and sustains society. It usually lifts our spirits, but it’s also the source of most depression and anxiety, whether we’re evaluating our own lives or worrying ...

You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self

“Here’s the key: You need to spend time on the future even when there are more important things to do in the present and even when there is no immediately apparent return to your efforts. In other words — and this is the hard part — if you want to ...

▶ Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard on Jibo and so-called social robots (TedX Brussels), Digital Ethics – YouTube

via ▶ Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard on Jibo and social robots (TedX Brussels), Digital Ethics – YouTube.

What’s a futurist and how can I get a job like that? (nice piece via the Sydney Morning Herald)

Personally, I would offer the explanation that most of my work is about this old Poincare quote: “Logic proves Intuition discovers”…  But here are my fav snippets from the SMH piece (bold emphasis added by me): Think of us as “now-ists” not futurists, says fellow futurist John Naisbitt… An IBM alumnus, former ...

From the Future of Business to the Future of Humanity: announcing a shift in focus and speaking topics

Download the PDF with this post (click for PDF) or go straight to my new speaking topics A Personal Fork in the Road. If you have seen me speak, you’ll know I’m a passionate person. I’m passionate about a lot of things and I believe passion is the essential ingredient if ...

Top 10 Disappearing Futures | World Future Society

Top 10 Disappearing Futures | World Future Society.

The 7 stages of Robot Replacement: how we will live with machines (via Kevin Kelly)

The relationship between humans, data and machines is quickly becoming one of my key topics. I just ran across this brilliant comment by Kevin Kelly (Chief Maverick at Wired:) see below. Be sure to also read Kevin’s most recent update on this topic, in Wired’s December 2012 edition. Here are some ...


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