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New Podcast with fellow speaker and Futures Agency Member Thimon de Jong: digital transformation, media, truth, trust and… tech vs human?

My fellow Futures Agency member Thimon de Jong and me just had a really good chat on the future of trust and on the general topic of humanity and technology. This is an engaging and informative talk I think; be sure to check it out.  My Soundcloud channel is here btw. About Thimon Future ...

New podcast interview with Gerd Leonhard: Technology vs Humanity? Via Digital Mindfulness

…published a few hours ago, here. Thanks to Lawrence Ampofo. Technology vs Humanity Opening Chapter Free Read Gerd Leonhard Read the preview PDF: Technology-vs.-Humanity-Ch-1-Prologue-to-the-Future Gerd Leonhard Preview 🙂

New Podcast (in German): Zukunft des Menschen in der digitalisierten, automatisierten Gesellschaft (Via Neuwärts / Ingo Stoll)

Podcast – Zukunft des Menschen in der digitalisierten, automatisierten Gesellschaft | Gerd Leonhard – Futurist, Zukunftsberater & Strategie-Coach. A big thank you to Ingo Stoll and Neuwaerts. Download the MP3 via dropbox (in German language!)

New podcast on the future of music revenue

… just went live on Soundcloud, thanks to Peter Petro.  We had a nice chat and this podcast nails some of the big issues, but I am kind of retiring from music business stuff right now – it just keeps turning around in circles, it seems (heading towards peak dysfunctionality).

60-minute radio show on Swiss Radio SRF3 (in German) on future of privacy, internet and technology: «Technologie kennt keine Ethik»

Swiss Radio 3 (formerly DRS3) invited me to do a 1 hour radio show on the topic of privacy, digital addiction and the future of human-machine relationships as far culture and society is concerned. You can listen to it here, or download the MP3 here (dropbox) or here (own cloud ...

New video: Digital Media Strategist Carlo Donzella and Futurist Gerd Leonhard talk about Smart Cities

  This is the 3rd pilot for my new web-tv show called Meetings of the Mind (MotM), soon to be available at In this episode I talk to Carlo Donzella, in Rome / Italy see  As an advisor to the Lazio Region of Rome, Carlo has recently been involved ...

A conversation with fellow Futurist Anton Musgrave (audio)

Anton Musgrave is a fellow futurist from South Africa and co-founder of Future World, and a great chap to talk to. This conversation is about what futurists do and what we don't do:)  Check it out.     Anton Musgrave and Gerd Leonhard Futurists       

Exclusive audio-version of my talk on the future of TV and Media (Repretel Costa Rica July 2012)

is now available on my mobile app (the entire 2 hours); excerpt below. Enjoy:)))   Gerd Leonhard Talk at Repretel Costa Rica  

Check out my new video podcasts on iTunes (download my speeches and talks) *updated

Sorry, something went wrong with this emailed post while I was on vacation – here it is again, with correct links.   Check out my new podcast feed here The audio-only podcast feed via iTunes is here

New audio-only versions of my keynotes now available on my app, and via iTunes

I have just added some 25 new audio-only versions (podcasts) of my various keynote speeches, talks and presentations from the past 12 months to my free iOS / Android app – check it out (this is a great way to get really distracted while driving ;).  I also have a ...


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