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Technology, Humanity, and the Future of HR: my deck from today’s keynote (HR Summit Milano)

Read more about the event here HR Summit Milano Technology Humanity HR Futures Gerd Leonhard Public low res 20 MB PDF   SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

The Future of HR – my presentations at HRExpo Brussels

Here are the slides from today’s event Keynote session (evening): Future of HR keynote Gerd Leonhard Public Workshop (afternoon session Future of HR Workshop HRExpo gerd leonhard public-web Some best-of images as usual 🙂

The digital transformation of shared services – slides from my keynote in Stockholm today

From my talk at Nordic Shared Services Digital transformation shared services nordic gerd leonhard speaker public High Res 20 PDF Low res version 4.1 MB PDF  Digital transformation shared services nordic gerd leonhard speaker public-web And some of the best images:

Mary Meeker's 2015 Internet Trends: great food for thought and a goldmine of intel

Every year, Mary Meeker delivers her masterpieces – the latest one is here. 2015 Internet Trends Report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers   Here are some key moments and my comments: So true – we are going beyond software as means-to-an-end; now great software has to be an experience and egg-on ...

5 short video excerpts from my keynote at Learning Technologies 2015 (London): the future of work, learning, and knowledge

Here are some short snippets from my Learning Technologies 2015 talk, 2-3 minutes each. I think all of these are worth looking at as they provide some crucial take-aways from my keynote in a very short time  

TFA presents #7: the future of work and jobs. A conversation with futurists Rohit Talwar, Simon Torrance, Gerd Leonhard

This seventh episode of ‘TFA presents’ features futurists Simon Torrance, Rohit Talwar and Gerd Leonhard talking about the future of work, jobs, employment, HR and training. Shot in London January 28th, 2015. Special thanks also to Claire at

New video: the future of learning, education and training. Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard at Learning Technologies Conference London, 2015

This video includes my entire keynote plus the conversation with Steve Wheeler (the moderator). The LT15 slides and details are here.

My slides from CONARH 2013 in Sao Paulo: Future of Technology and Human Resources

Here are my slides from the CONARH event in Sao Paulo yesterday (10 MB PDF via Dropbox): “Tecnologia: Uma Visão de Futuro e Impactos em Nossas Vidas” (the slides are in English of course).  All my other stuff is at (just a fancy name for my dropbox folder) btw ...

Great piece on why DATA is indeed the new OIL: LinkedIn connects big data, human resources (via WaPo)

It’s big data meeting human resources. And that data, core to LinkedIn’s potential, could catapult the company beyond building careers and into the realms of education, urban development and economic policy. Chief executive Jeff Weiner put it this way in a recent blog post: “Our ultimate dream is to develop ...


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