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My presentation at London Law Expo 2017 (Netlaw Media): Technology, Humanity and the Future

Here is the deck from yesterday’s talk at London Law Expo Netlaw Media London Technologhy Humanity the future gerd leonhard Public  32MB PDF

Here is my deck from INTA 2017 in Barcelona: the digital transformation of society and what that may mean for the future of intellectual property

Very interesting session in Barcelona today.  Here are the slides, as promised! In this talk, I addressed the future of IP, copyright, patents and trademarks in the context of an exponentially changing world.  The video will be available soon, as well – stay tuned. digital transformation of society and future of ...

Your Lawyer May Soon Be an Algorithm … (but what is… soon?)

“AI making legal decisions is a compelling idea. Not only is it more efficient, but couldn’t it somehow be more just to place decisions in an entity unable to be swayed by bias or emotion?” Your Lawyer May Soon Be an Algorithm via Instapaper Gerd Leonhard Futurist, Author and ...

Video of my talk at Repretel Costa Rica: the future of television, media, radio and broadcasting

Audio-only version is now available on my mobile app (the entire 2 hours); excerpt below. Enjoy:))) Gerd Leonhard Talk at Repretel Costa Rica  

JWT’s Things to Watch: Music Edition (October 2011 slideshow): Must-read!

From 2011 but totally current stuff – must-read and think!!! Things to Watch: Music Edition (October 2011) from JWTIntelligence

New video: Rebooting Media: my presentation at the Belfast Media Festival 2012

This is a very nicely recorded video (thanks to the BBC NI and their fabulous studio in Belfast) and I cover a lot of ground as far as the future of media is concerned; one of my best talks on this topic, to date, imho:)  Enjoy and share! You can download ...

On tour in Brazil October 30 to November 12: Porto Alegre, Rio, Sao Paulo

I will be spending 2 weeks in Brazil, doing 5 speaking gigs, some workshops and many other meetings and get-togethers – really look forward to this! Meet me in Porto Alegre BRAZIL at the Congress of Innovation Oct 30 / 31, or in Rio Nov 1-4, or Sao Paulo Nov 5-12:))  ...

PDFs and resources from today’s webinar on The Future of Television (with Stowe Boyd)

In case you missed our webinar on SocialTV and the Future of Television, today (shame on you;): the video will go live in a few hours (assuming the recording actually worked) on my Youtube Webinars playlist. And here are the slides we used (creative commons non-commercial, attribution licensed, as usual): Gerd, ...

For my readers in Brazil and Portugal: Conteúdo 2.0: a ‘proteção’ está no modelo de negócio

Thanks to Paula Neves and Flavio Gut Gerd Leonhard: Conteúdo 2.0: ‘proteção’ está no modelo de negócio (Content 2.0: protection is in the business model) e não na tecnologia (pensamentos sobre o futuro da venda de conteúdo). Abastecido pelas agitações na indústria da música e, finalmente, com a transformação muito rápida dos livros para o ...

Free webinar on September 4, 2012: Future of Television: Social, Mobile, Over-the-top…? (Stowe Boyd and Gerd Leonhard)

Please join me for this unique event (there is no charge except for your attention:) The Future of Television: Social, Mobile, Over-the-top? With Stowe Boyd and Gerd Leonhard (The Futures Agency) on Sep 4, 2012 5:00 PM CEST Social web strategist, speaker and blogger Stowe Boyd and futurist, speaker & author Gerd Leonhard are ...


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