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How Elon Musk learns faster and better than everyone else – 5* read!

my Bottom line: It’s not magic. It’s just the right learning process Now, we can begin to understand how Musk has become a world-class expert-generalist: He spent many years reading 60 times as much as an avid reader He read widely across different disciplines He constantly applied what he learned by deconstructing ideas into ...

Great theme and video: labels are for cans not for people (coca cola ad campaign)

Didier Marlier, a good friend, leadership expert and fellow Futures Agency speaker / member, posted a great story about labelling people today, here, entitled  “relationships are pathways to the intelligence of the system” The video below was embedded in his post – it shows how different people think about each other when ...

A short podcast on the future of jobs: STEM and HECI (humanity, ethics, creativity, imagination)

I just added a new ad-hoc podcast on the future of work and jobs on my Audioboom channel. This is a hugely important topic that will need some major attention from governments, corporations, SMEs and the entirely educational system. My key message: automation and robotization will dramatically and exponentially i.e ‘gradually then suddenly‘ ...

The Internet of Things and its unintended consequences: why we should proceed with caution

Download the PDF version: The Internet of Things and its unintended consequences: why we should proceed with caution   Download all my other stuff via GerdCloud/Dropbox The Internet of Things (IoT) / Internet of Everything / Industrial Internet is sizzling hot. Everywhere I go people ask me about it. Almost every single event I ...

The future of work and jobs: a short overview of the key issues, illustrations, stats and videos

The future of work and jobs has become a major topic for me. It is abundantly clear that the exponential digitisation, optimization, automation, virtualisation and robotisation (phew!) of society will result in a huge number of job losses around the globe, first in blue-collar jobs and then in white-collar jobs ...

Thales Learning Magazine Interview with Futurist Gerd Leonhard: the future of learning

You can download the complete PDF here or download just my 2 page-interview: Future of Learning Gerd Leonhard Enhance-Issue-5-2015 …You can access education and training in all sorts of ways, but how much of it is relevant
 and how much is just noise? Information and knowledge is, in a way, like a higher ...

New video: the future of learning, education and training. Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard at Learning Technologies Conference London, 2015

This video includes my entire keynote plus the conversation with Steve Wheeler (the moderator). The LT15 slides and details are here.

New video: The future of learning – how our learning landscape is set to change (LT 15 London)

This video with my keynote at Learning Technologies 2015 in London just went online… see this related post which includes the PDF with my slides

PDF with my presentation at Learning Technologies 2015 in London (LT15): the future of technology and learning

… finally here are the slides from today’s talk at LT15. Sorry it took so long! Future of Learning and Technology Gerd Leonhard Futurist Speaker London LT15-web (low res 6MB PDF) High res 34 MB PDF via dropbox As usual, some best-of’s:

Here are my slides from today’s event in Port of Spain, Trinidad (ICT Symposium 2014): future of business, commerce and ICT

Here are my slides from today’s event in Trini  Future Business and commerce digital transformation Trinidad ICT gerd leonhard public-web  7MB PDF High res version 30MB via Dropbox Low res version via Dropbox  


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