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The Tyranny of Convenience – made me think (via the NYT)

In the developed nations of the 21st century, convenience — that is, more efficient and easier ways of doing personal tasks — has emerged as perhaps the most powerful force shaping our individual lives and our economies. This is particularly true in America, where, despite all the paeans to freedom ...

Things to Hang on Your Mental Mug Tree | – some great morsels from Rory Sutherland

  “There’s a rather lovely company in the UK that pays people who are housebound—whether for medical reasons, or are caregivers—to handwrite envelopes and letters. You could regard this as a very silly thing to do, but in costly signaling theory terms, it makes perfect sense. The open rate of these ...

Gerd Leonhard’s slide-deck and presentation: APMF Jakarta July 25: exponential change, technology, humanity and media

Here it is! Thanks for your interest. More about the APMF APMF Jakarta Technology Humanity and Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard PUBLIC low res  17 MB PDF Coming this July 25, 2017, APMF presents a session by Gerd Leonhard, world’s renowned futurist to share his views on the opportunity that lies for brands, ...

Interview with Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Swiss Marketing Tag 2017 in Luzern (in German): Technology vs Humanity

Thanks to Marketing Tag 2017  und an Susanne Wille (10 vor 10 @ SRF) Download my slides here Audio-only version of my keynote:    

My presentation at UBA Trend Days in Brussels: Technology, Humanity, The Future – and what does all that mean for Marketing?

More details on the event here Here is the deck (20 MB PDF): Gerd Leonhard UBA Brussels Technology Humanity and Marketing Public low res

Nice video of a recent session for Sanoma NL: the Future of Media (what will happen to advertising?)

How do you keep the advertisers happy without selling out readers? – The future of media show – Episode 1 | Special thanks to Christopher and Jonathan Marks

Update: VIDEO and pdf with my slides. Agency Symposium in Hunter Valley (AUS): the future of advertising, marketing and agencies

More information on this event here.  Download the PDF: Future of Business Marketing Advertising Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard Public-web  8.5MB Dropbox version (same file). Dropbox high res version (34 MB PDF) NEW: the video is now available   The Future Of Business, Media And Advertising – The Next 5 Years The exponential progress in technology is ...

The slides of my presentation on the future of Content and Marketing (Headoffice NL event October 17 2013)

Here are the slides from Headoffice’s Netherlands Content Marketing Event near Amsterdam, today. Great location and really great audience; I always enjoy speaking in the Netherlands as people are so curious, open and forward-looking (mostly:) Dropbox version 12MB PDF Own-cloud version (same file, different host)  

Good piece on big data myths (

Myth 3: Big Data Yields Certainty A well-trodden business aphorism is, “I have all of the data I can handle. I just need more information.” In Too Big to Ignore, I write about the difficulty of being truly certain about business decisions of any import. It’s virtually impossible to be completely ...

Video: Doug Stephens (Retail-Prophet) and Gerd Leonhard discuss the PRISM/NSA affair and what it means for the future of big data and commerce

Doug and me just finished a pretty snappy Google Hangout on the topic of how the PRISM / NSA / Snowden affair will impact consumer behavior, e-commerce, big data business models and cloud computing.  Doug really knows his stuff and is always great fun to talk to, find out more ...


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