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The future of media and content is not (just) about technology: it's about Humanity (short video by Futurist Gerd Leonhard)

Would love to know what you think about this… A short message from me: And here’s the entire talk: And don’t forget to watch my new video on tech vs humanity 

New video: my opening keynote presentation at the ITU Telecom World Leadership Summit for the Future in Doha, Dec 7, 2014

Take a look at all related ITU Future Summit resources and links here Download the slides: ITU Future Summit Gerd Leonhard Opening Presentation-web

▶ NVIDIA video CES 2015: your car will have more computing power than anything else we are currently using (DriveCX)

▶ NVIDIA CES 2015 press conference: NVIDIA DRIVE CX (part 2) – YouTube. Pretty revealing talk by Nvidia’s CEO at CES – talk about exponential speed and innovation. Mind-boggling.  

Here's a short video with my key points on digital transformation (FINCO 2014)

This is a short summary version of my presentation at SONAE’s FINCO event in Lisbon, on October 27, 2014.  More details, slides and images at my blog i.e. Full-length audio-only version can be downloaded at A related interview is at

Slides from my keynotes at CA Technology Expo in Sydney, and IT Leaders events in Brisbane, Canberra, Perth: the future of business and technology. New: VIDEO from Sydney

I’m currently on tour in Australia doing several events with CA technologies (Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra *tomorrow, and Perth). We are getting a lot of requests for the slides I presented in Sydney, so… here they are! Thanks to CA technologies for bringing me down-under again; I always enjoy coming to Australia. Dropbox 7.5 MB ...

This is your brain on mobile (via Medium): obsession with eternalising the moment?

This is a MUST-READ piece This is your brain on mobile — Medium by Jeremy Vandehey.  Best snippets: As a human being, many of these triumphs are trumped by the overwhelming anxiety phones have instilled in us. We’ve trained ourselves to constantly seek refuge from boring, everyday life through our phones. We’ve ...

Nice video: Here’s How Mobile Phones Worked in 1959 via Re/code

via Here’s How Mobile Phones Worked in 1959 | Re/code. What if someone could call you on the telephone — while you were in your car? That’s the astonishing premise of this 1959 clip from newsreel archive British Pathe. Heads up: Gender politics back then were also comparatively unsophisticated. Pathe produced more than 90,000 newsreel clips during ...

Videos, comments on Information that moves with you (new Google Moto360 watch): Big Data + NUI + LBS + AI

Read Android Wear: Information that moves with you – YouTube. Very interesting videos, indeed. All looks very useful and seriously convenient for consumers, but imagine if smart and always-on devices like this become as common as car navigation, or indeed as mobile phones. Indispensable, addictive, self-learning (eventually)-  they will indeed become an ...


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