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Short video from MoJoCon Dublin: Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard on the future of journalism, mobile, privacy

Read more about my gig at MoJoCon Dublin. Thanks to RTE und MojoCon for making this video available.

▶ Watch this clip about the #PrivacyProject – amazing how little most people know about what their mobiles do with their data

via ▶ #PrivacyProject – YouTube. Watch TheFutureShow episode on privacy Some related images

The Apple Watch looks good – too good, actually: distractions + outsourced thinking spells digital obesity

Update: read this very much related Guardian article on why multi-tasking and constant task-switching is bad for our brains. So I looked at those cool new Apple watches and those enthusiastic Apple keynote videos, and I have to say that I am very tempted to get this watch as soon as it ...

New opinion piece on CNN Money: "the disturbing consequences of ultra-connectivity" (Gerd Leonhard)

CNN Money just published a new opinion piece penned by me, and edited by Alanna Petroff, in connection with their Mobile World Congress Barcelona coverage. Here are some of the most crucial snippets: Smartphones and mobile devices have given each of us a ‘second brain,’ allowing us to navigate new cities without getting ...

Update: audio recording and slides: presentation at Societe de Lecture in Geneva: private versus public – what is the future?

This was a fun event!  I spoke about the future of privacy in a digital world and also on how all of this will impact the future of Switzerland (incl. banking and what I call ‘Swiss Data‘. 63 MB3 recording of my talk (Dropbox)  or OwnCloud version (high res MP3, low-res below) A ...

Meet me at SDL – Societe de Lecture Geneve on February 5 at 12 noon. Talk on Public, private : what should we expect from the future ?

jeudi 05 février 2015  12h00 / buffet Attention, conférence en anglais « Public, private : what should we expect from the future ? » Réservation indispensable à la Société de Lecture pour le cycle complet, soit 9 conférences (sandwich et boisson compris) Membres : CHF 225, réservation dès le 15 décembre 2014 Non-membres : CHF ...

Work, jobs, learning and living in the future: the slides from today’s presentation at Maximum Mumbai (YPO, WPO event)

Work jobs learning living in the future gerd leonhard maximum mumbia ypo-web 10MB PDF Dropbox version  High res 32 MB PDF (same files)   As usual, here are some best-of slides and screenshots:  

Here are my slides from today’s event in Port of Spain, Trinidad (ICT Symposium 2014): future of business, commerce and ICT

Here are my slides from today’s event in Trini  Future Business and commerce digital transformation Trinidad ICT gerd leonhard public-web  7MB PDF High res version 30MB via Dropbox Low res version via Dropbox  

Sonae FINCO’14 – Flash Interview with Gerd Leonhard on Digital Obesity and what makes us human

In this short video short at SONAE’s Finco event in Lisbon (see more here, including my slides) I comment on topics such as the future of work and where technology is taking us, digital ethics, telepresence, digital obesity, the future of travel and more.   via Sonae FINCO’14 – Flash Interview Gerd Leonhard – ...

Great Video on what I call digital obesity: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? – YouTube (Prince Ea)

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? – YouTube. Thanks to Jonathan Marks for sharing this. Read my post on Digital Obesity.


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