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The Tyranny of Convenience – made me think (via the NYT)

In the developed nations of the 21st century, convenience — that is, more efficient and easier ways of doing personal tasks — has emerged as perhaps the most powerful force shaping our individual lives and our economies. This is particularly true in America, where, despite all the paeans to freedom ...

Fantastic slideshow on the future of media: Activate 2017 Tech / Media Outlook (Michael Wolf)

Must-review for anyone, media or not !  A treasure chest!   Digital gatekeepers will fare better than content media, analyst Michael Wolf says at WSJ tech conference Activate Tech and Media Outlook 2017 from Activate Some best-of’s:

The future of media, publishing, advertising: a conversation with Yuri van Geest and Gerd Leonhard (TFA presents #5)

This is the latest addition to ‘The Futures Agency presents‘, featuring a conversation with Yuri van Geest and me.  Yuri is the co-author of the must-read book ‘Exponential Organisations’ and Singularity University NL ambassador, for more details see and futurist Gerd Leonhard   Yuri and me discuss the key trends in media, content, publishing, ...

What the New York Times Could Have Been (via LinkedIn, Michael Moriz, Sequoia Capital)

What the New York Times Could Have Been | LinkedIn found via Francois Mazoudier Really good piece on what went wrong with the NYT’s digital strategy and what Naspers did right, instead. The bottom line is, of course, that Naspers success was / is not based on ‘selling content’.  Here are the ...

The slides of my presentation on the future of Content and Marketing (Headoffice NL event October 17 2013)

Here are the slides from Headoffice’s Netherlands Content Marketing Event near Amsterdam, today. Great location and really great audience; I always enjoy speaking in the Netherlands as people are so curious, open and forward-looking (mostly:) Dropbox version 12MB PDF Own-cloud version (same file, different host)  

GovernanceNow (India) interview with Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Indian print media will become history in 3-5 years (maybe)

GovernanceNow just published some excerpts of an interview with me, recorded during the Big Picture Summit in Delhi 2 weeks ago. Despite the kind of dramatic header (I did not quite put it like that :), this is a good piece. Check it out here, excerpts below. “In India the conventional media, ...

Here is my presentation from the Big Picture Summit in Delhi (today): the Future of Media and Advertising

High resolution PDF Low resolution PDF And while you are here, check out my public file-sharing folders on Dropbox aka GerdCloud: download all of my books, presentations, images, essays free of charge:).  The PDF with my last book “The Future of Content” is here, Kindle version is here. And… visit my Youtube channel ...

Must read piece on future of digital media and ‘the paid media myth” (Forbes)

Great piece that really nails it, by Forbes writer Greg Satell The Paid Media Myth A common media non sequitur is that subscription revenues are somehow superior to ad revenues. After all, the story goes, paying customers are far better than casual interlopers freeloading on content. Paywalls go up, advertising ...

The slides from my talk at MLove Halle (Germany) today: the future of media in a SoLoMo world

Here they are (MLove details here): Dropbox 15MB PDF and the Flickr slideshow is here  

Good read: Global Open Data Movement is Transforming Journalism (

How the Global Open Data Movement is Transforming Journalism | Innovation Insights | Crucial piece on the future of journalism – finally, some good news! Related video


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