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Fantastic slideshow on the future of media: Activate 2017 Tech / Media Outlook (Michael Wolf)

Must-review for anyone, media or not !  A treasure chest!   Digital gatekeepers will fare better than content media, analyst Michael Wolf says at WSJ tech conference Activate Tech and Media Outlook 2017 from Activate Some best-of’s:

Total reset: the future of business. My slides from the VISA Istanbul ‘Business Unusual’ event today

Download 10MB PDF via Dropbox Download 10 MB PDF via Owncloud (my own server) All other downloads at    

Great piece by Doug Stephens: future of retail

The Future of Retail: The Segment of One Today, there’s an entirely new revolution brewing and it’s coming at a velocity and scale that I suspect will be incomprehensible compared to all that came before it. It will wed the skill and precision of the world’s finest craftsmen with ...

Mary Meeker: Asset-Heavy Lifestyle Is Being Replaced With Asset-Light Value

Interesting post, below, and some related Mary Meeker slides on the same topic (go here to see the entire KPCB 2012 Trends-Set) Asset-light is a clear trend, imho. Mary Meeker: Asset-Heavy Lifestyle Is Being Replaced With Asset-Light Value | Social Revolution. “Meeker reports that people are shedding assets, turning from away from ...

New Video: Futurists Hangout: The Future of Retail & Commerce. Doug Stephens, Gerd Leonhard, Carlo Donzella

Futurists Hangout: Future of Retail & Commerce. Doug Stephens, Gerd Leonhard, Carlo Donzella – YouTube. This is the recorded version of a March 20 2013 Google hangout session with Futurist Speakers and @FuturesAgency members  Doug Stephens Gerd Leonhard and Carlo Donzella discussing future trends in regards to shopping, ...

The Future Of Retail: slides via Business Insider (must read)

A ton of great intelligence and facts here – Must Read. Would be greater even if these guys provided a PDF download – someone please tell them:) The Future Of Retail [SLIDE DECK] – Business Insider.

My presentation on the future of eCommerce and Shopping at Tengelmann eDay (in German language)

For all of you that were in Düsseldorf, here are the edited slides, low res (in GERMAN language). Hoffentlich werden wir bald auch ein Video haben. Sorry to my English readers — check Slideshare for related resources from me.   Update vom 20.5. 2013: hier ist das Video.    

Can Advertising Change the World – good example of tackling consumerism, via HBR

Can Advertising Change the World? – Julia Kirby – Our Editors – Harvard Business Review. This is what the British retailing giant Marks & Spencer is doing in its “shwopping” campaign. The term is a conflation of shopping and swapping, and the thing being pushed here is a suggestion: that, before ...

Shopping 2020: Build business around CUSTOMER not PRODUCT

Shopping 2020: What will the future of e-commerce look like in eight years? – GeekWire. This struck me as most important: “It’s something about building a business around the customer, not around the product. The possibility of doing so is different and better than it ever was before, and the benefit of ...

The Future Of E-Commerce: Bridging The Online/Offline Gap – Forbes

The Future Of E-Commerce: Bridging The Online/Offline Gap – Forbes. With more and more people seeking alternatives to bricks-and-mortar retail, now is the time for development of new technologies to enhance the online experience. Here are a couple of reasons why brands should be paying attention: A recent study from Internet Retailer projects a doubling ...


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