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Short video from MoJoCon Dublin: Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard on the future of journalism, mobile, privacy

Read more about my gig at MoJoCon Dublin. Thanks to RTE und MojoCon for making this video available.

MUST WATCH: CITIZENFOUR UK trailer – the new film by Laura Poitras, featuring Edward Snowden – YouTube

CITIZENFOUR UK trailer – a film by Laura Poitras, featuring Edward Snowden – YouTube. Next in my iTunes cue (too bad Netflix does not have it)

▶ Amazon's Echo digital assistant: will 'outsourcing our brains' become the new normal?

▶ Introducing Amazon Echo – YouTube. Is this a good thing… and what is next? And… will this device just LISTEN ALL THE TIME?    

Interesting Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista

• Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista. This is an interesting chart provided by Statista  – 3x as many people think this is OK in the US vs Germany. But even in the US, only 37% agree. It seems to me we have a bunch of really different world-views ...

▶ Inventing the Future of Connectivity (Facebook video on connecting developing countries – with drones)

Facebook’s Yael Maguire talks about the technologies we’re working on that will make connectivity more affordable in communities around the world. via ▶ Inventing the Future of Connectivity – YouTube. I love the idea of drones providing internet access – they would make a lot of sense given that Facebook et al ...

Impressive and somewhat scary Cisco TV Commercial on ‘The Internet of Everything Circle Story’ via Cisco TV Commercial, ‘The Internet of Everything Circle Story’ – YouTube. Very interesting video showing both the tremendous possibilities of the Internet of (Every)Things / IoT and it’s very significant potential for omni-surveillance. Via Business Insider AUS

How the “internet of things” will replace the web – good read via Quartz

From December 2013 but still very much on-the-spot. How the “internet of things” will replace the web – Quartz. If this all sounds like mind reading, that’s because in a way it is. Munjal Shah, entrepreneur in residence at Charles River Ventures, surveyed a thousand peopleabout what super powers they would acquire if they ...

Tim Berners-Lee suggests digital magma carta (and once again fuels my own thinking;)

I just ran across this really important contribution by Tim Berners-Lee today. I penned a very much related piece for  TheGuardian blog in October last year: “Why advertisers should back a global Digital Bill of Rights” and it fits hand in glove with Tim’s brilliant as usual comments in TheGuardian today, ...

Has Privacy Become a Luxury Good? Via» by Julia Angwin

Great piece and must-read! In our data-saturated economy, privacy is becoming a luxury good. After all, as the saying goes, if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. And currently, we aren’t paying for very much of our technology. Not long ago, we would have bought services as ...

Must-watch video: Stephen Colbert Rips NSA, Mt. Gox, Snowden in RSA Speech (Video) | Re/code

Hilarious – must watch. Colbert is great (at least in this case:) “I looked at the signatures on the online petition, then I looked at the signature — my signature — on the bottom of the contract saying I’d be here today, and my conscience was clear, as long as the ...


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