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Greetings dear prospective client!

Thanks for your interest in having Gerd Leonhard speak at your event. To make sure that your expectations and requirements are fully met, Gerd’s team would appreciate it very much if you could take this short survey and submit it when done. This will help us to better serve you, and to make this engagement a resounding success. Thanks very much!  For any comments or questions please contact us anytime.

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1 Have you seen Gerd speak before, and/or have you watched some of Gerd’s keynotes on Youtube? Are you familiar with his style, his way of presenting, his use of custom-made animations and graphics, his core messages and his philosophy?
YESNOSomewhat (just getting started)
2Are you aware that Gerd’s talks are usually on a meta-level (i.e. the what-and-why, the future principles, and general business and cultural philosophy) rather than mostly practical (i.e. the how-and-who, case-studies, best practices etc)?
YESNOEither way is fine with us
3Are you aware of Gerd's latest book, Technology vs Humanity, Gerd's films on this topic, and/or the key messages presented in the book?
YESNOJust getting started
4Are you aware that Gerd does not promote a client’s brand or products during his talks?
YESNONot applicable to us
5Are you aware of Gerd’s preferred topics, and if so, will one of these topics fit your desired event agenda?
YESNOWe are OK with Gerd suggesting a suitable topic


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