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A Futurist Looks at the Future of Marketing

Digital marketing is evolving as fast as any other medium on our tablets, smartphones, Google Glass and beyond… Read more

Tecnología vs Humanidad de Gerd Leonhard: ¿con o contra?

el objetivo principal del progreso tecnológico debería ser la búsqueda de la máxima felicidad humana… Read more


Terwijl de titel van zijn nieuwste boek ‘Technology vs. Humanity’ een strijd tussen mens en robot doet verwachten, is futurist Gerd Leonhards visie op de toekomst verrassend optimistisch… Read more

Futurist Gerd Leonhard talks to Business Insider about cryptocurrency, the professions that will disappear over the next 20 years, and why he quit Facebook

A well-known futurist and writer, the CEO of the Futures Agency and one of the most influential people in Europe, Gerd Leonhard claims that some banks in the near future will lose 60% of their revenue due to blockchain and technological development… read more

Zukunftsberatung ist wie gute Science-Fiction –
Das Geschäft von Zukunftsexperten boomt. Doch was machen die eigentlich?

Wer sich mit der Zukunft befasst, muss sich zuweilen blöde Sprüche anhören. Der einstige deutsche Kanzler Helmut Schmidt sagte: «Wer Visionen hat, soll zum Arzt gehen.»… Read more

„Wie Mensch bleiben in einer Welt, die total Maschine wird?“

Die Maschinen könnten den Menschen selbst zur Maschine werden lassen. Aber sie könnten uns auch ins digital-goldene Zeitalter führen, in dem ganz andere menschliche Tätigkeiten wertvoll werden… read more

“Às vezes, os bancos são intelectualmente preguiçosos”, diz futurólogo alemão

O alemão Gerd Leonhard, de 57 anos, é um sujeito eclético. Formado em Teologia e Ciências Sociais, ele já foi músico de rock, ativista do Partido Verde e empreendedor. Hoje escreve livros, faz palestras e é um dos consultores mais cobiçados da Europa… Read more

Künstliche Intelligenz: Wacht auf, Verdammte dieser Erde!

Aus dem netten „Wind of Change“ der 90er-Jahre wird ein gepflegter Tornado, was die technologische Entwicklung anbelangt. Die Zukunft rast auf uns zu, und sie ist auch schon hier – wir haben sie nur noch… read more

From car insurance to banking, a new digital age is dawning

How we handle money, what we drive and how we even divorce will become cheaper and simpler soon, says a leading futurist… Read more

“Vai ocorrer uma catástrofe que nos forçará à regulação”

Gerd Leonhard é um futurista que não se esgota na análise tecnológica do futuro. Está aliás mais preocupado com as dimensões éticas da evolução e em limitar aquilo que diz ser o culto da eficiência, que põe em causa a essência da humanidade… read more

Futurysta Gerd: zagrożenie ze strony sztucznej inteligencji jest takie, że uczyni nas bardzo leniwymi

Możemy mówić o kilku rodzajach sztucznej inteligencji. Dziś jej rola sprowadza się jednak przede wszystkim do asystowania człowiekowi, podejmowania za niego prostych decyzji. O tym, co z tego wynika, jakim bogiem byłaby SI i dlaczego na razie stanowi większe zagrożenie dla żaby niż dla człowieka – rozmawiamy z futurystą Gerdem Leonhardem… Read more

Die Megashifts und die Zukunft von Mensch und Maschine

Dramatische technologische Verschiebungen (Megashifts) sind dabei, unsere Gesellschaft komplett neu zu organisieren…. read more

Digital ethics and our future in a connected world

Why are ethics important in a world of accelerated technological development? Futurist Gerd Leonhard explored this question at TEDx Brussels… Read more

The disturbing consequences of ultra-connectivity

Smartphones and mobile devices have given each of us a ‘second brain,’ allowing us to navigate new cities without getting lost and speak fluently in different languages… read more

Technology Vs. Human – Who Is Going To Win? An Interview With Gerd Leonhard

I remember meeting Gerd Leonhard [Futurist, Author and a raft of other titles] for the first time in a particularly crowded Benugo in Covent Garden… Read more

Book review: ‘Technology vs. Humanity’

Reading renowned futurist Gerd Leonhard’s “Technology vs. Humanity” is like drinking out of a firehose or eating a particularly luxurious meal: fulfilling yet overwhelming, and ultimately the highlight of your day… read more

Gerd Leonhard on Technology vs Humanity: The Future Belongs to Those Who Can Hear It Coming

Gerd Leonhard is a musician, keynote speaker and futurist with over 300 clients, 1,500 engagements and over a million people of combined audience at venues across the world… Read more

Five new human rights for the digital age (excerpt from the book ‘Technology vs Humanity’)

This is a slightly modified and hyper-linked excerpt from my new book ‘Technology vs Humanity’. Originally posted on my blog.
Find out more about ‘Technology vs Humanity’, check out the reviews, read the cheat sheet, or buy the book on Amazon… read more

Technology vs Humanity: The coming clash between man and machine

As human beings, we do not understand exponential or self-amplifying. Particularly the impact on humanity… Read more

An open letter to Microsoft and Google’s Partnership on AI

In a world where machines may have an IQ of 50,000, what will happen to the values and ethics that underpin privacy and free will?… read more

Man vs. Machine: The New Ethics of Cybersecurity

What role do ethics play in technology? As a business executive or board member, when you approve a technology investment or have your teams create a new technology-based business service, do you ever think about the ethical considerations of what you are doing?… Read more

Smart observations about the future

Being a futurist in a fast-moving digital age can be tricky, so Gerd Leonhard doesn’t do predictions – he makes smart observations… read more

Futurist: More changes in next 20 years than last 300

THE next 20 years are likely to bring more changes to humanity than the past 300 years, futurist Gerd Leonhard declared on Wednesday… Read more

“Technology Could Bring Heaven on Earth, or Create Hell” – interview with futurist
Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard is an acclaimed European futurist; his popular video was recently featured at IEET and he will soon be an IEET contributing writer. To introduce him to our audience, I interviewed him on his forecasts, ideas, and values…. read more

Technologie versus Mensch? Die wichtigsten Thesen in Gerd Leonhards neuem Buch „Technology vs. Humanity“

Mein neuestes Buch „Technology vs. Humanity“ ist seit Mitte September 2016 im englischen Original, und seit August 2017 auch auf Deutsch im Markt und hat sich in kurzer Zeit zu einem wichtigen ‚Must-Read‘ entwickelt… Read more

Be careful about what we shouldn’t automate – even if we can, says futurist

Businesses are confusing efficiency with their real goal, says Gerd Leonhard, a leading voice on digital transformation, who also warns about over-reliance on algorithms and the cloud… read more

Tecnología vs Humanidad de Gerd Leonhard: ¿con o contra? (y III)

No deberíamos permitir máquinas que no se puedan distinguir fácilmente de seres humanos… Read more

Futurist: More changes in next 20 years than last 300

THE next 20 years are likely to bring more changes to humanity than the past 300 years, futurist Gerd Leonhard declared on Wednesday… read more

Embrace don’t fear the future, ‘futurist’ tells Dubai audience

‘The future of the world is better than you think but, and this is a big but, we actually have to do something to make it stay positive,’ said Gerd Leonhard… Read more

The future of knowledge in the coming era of intelligent machines

Opinion: Futurist Gerd Leonhard says the rise of artificial intelligence means we need to rethink the way we learn… read more

Digital megashifts could give supply chain managers “superhuman” productivity, futurist says

Despite potential of tech to streamline business tasks, human traits like compassion can never be replicated, Leonhard tells MHI show… Read more

„Guter Diener, schrecklicher Herrscher“

Smarte Maschinen, globale Vernetzung: Die Visionen der Digitalisierung sind zur Realität geworden. Doch wenn die Entwicklung weiter nur auf Profit zielt, wird die Zukunft ungemütlich – denn „Technologie ist ein guter Diener, aber ein schrecklicher Herrscher“… read more

Gerd is listed #88 on Wired’s 2015 Top 100 influencers list

Download a PDF with all of Gerd’s LinkedIn endorsements


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