the best way to predict the future is to create it


Individual sectors – whether public or private, manufacturing or service – exhibit certain shared characteristics but are fundamentally different when it comes to biorhythms and behavior. Gerd’s suite of industry-specific talks customizes futurism for each chosen market, including verticals just now entering the digital whirlwind – automotive, banking, industry. Applying lessons upstream in the music and media industries, Gerd helps organizations anticipate digital transformation from business and value-chain remodeling to customer-centricity. Your world in future will be nothing like today. Get a head start on your future.

Decision makers who select speaking engagements in this topic area are looking for:

  • Deep future thinking within their own immediate operational environment
  • Lessons learned from neghboring and altogether different industries
  • Pragmatic guidance on applying future thinking to their own inherited mindset
  • Strategic engagement with ther value chain, business model and core processes
  • The ability to see beyond the dominant narrative to the market’s emerging story

Signature Engagements

Reinventing Your Industry

Very few organizations experience the reinvention of their industry during their lifetime. Enterprises that do have often overcome existential disruption and reconnected with their unique DNA. In this classic customized engagement, Gerd Leonhard helps your people discover a visionary renewal with the power to reinvent growth and re-ignite performance.

Manufacturing the Future

The manufacturing world is half the global economy and impacts society profoundly, from automotive and food to pharma and fashion. Gerd Leonhard explores your specific realm of production, whether that involves industrial or consumer goods, high tech or household products. Makers are the vanguard of futurized thinking – discover the difference in applying your future to current leadership, strategy, brand and culture challenges.

The Citizen-Centric Future

Public services are in deep transformation, as industry standards and rising citizen empowerment overturn the habits and mindsets of a century. Whether you represent an international body, a national department or a municipal authority, Gerd Leonhard applies his singular brand of future thinking to evolve your awareness and capability in realizing the citizen-centric paradigm.

Automotive in Future

The car industry is on the cusp of profound transformation as digital disruption reaches its shores and the experience of driving itself undergoes seismic change. In the process, many new entrants will become established, while multiple incumbents will face the threat of extinction. This is a global market where the current stakes could not be higher – find out how to futurize your thinking, then your enterprise.

Product to Service to Experience

The computing world represents a perfect analogy as software overtook hardware, itself to be overtaken by new cloud ecosystems. Whatever your competitive arena, you must master the ultimate future challenge, and transform product thinking into service vision and onwards to complete brand experience. This is not a grand design that can come with purely scientific planning, and requires deep zeitgeist awareness as well as knowledge of human culture.

Financial Services in Future

For decades, financial services have enjoyed the privileges of being close to the money supply. Not any more, as digital disruptors tear into their walled gardens and threaten their right to exist. Whether you are a bank undergoing digital transformation or an insurer entering the world of pervasive media, Gerd Leonhard helps financial service institutions around the world face up to the profound and unignorable challenges of disruption – and discover the future version of themselves.

The Fully Mediated Future

The now continuous tech/telecom/media arena is in the full chaos of total reinvention, as giant new ecosystems sweep old markets away and consumer behavior changes out of all recognition. Sector after sector in this space – music, newspapers, publishing, advertising, television, film – is being utterly altered as digital innovation demolishes barriers to entry and Millennials open the doors to whole new consumption patterns. This is Gerd Leonhard’s home territory – his exclusive insights have already helped multiple well-known entities not only survive but thrive in the new normal.


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