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Gerd's Beyond Covid Speaking Topic (2021 Reference Page

Beyond-Covid:  The next 10 years will bring more change than the previous 100 years

Our world was/ is painfully but irreversibly rebooted by the Covid19 crisis – and we are not ‘going back to normal’. To many of us, this crisis has been devastating (and still is) yet I think it also created a very unique opportunity for what I call ‘The Great Transformation‘.  Watch the latest keynote videos here.  Have a look at my new Beyond Corona Topic Page (January 2021).

This keynote (usually held remotely) addresses topics such as:

What have we learned from this crisis?

The economic and business impact: the future of jobs, work, commerce and trade

The geopolitical impact: Europe, the U.S. and China – new power structures? De-Globalisation?

The future of capitalism: stakeholder value over shareholder value: finally, a sustainable capitalism?

The environmental impact: how will this crisis impact climate-change action? How real is the ‘end of oil‘?

The impact on medical & healthcare: entering warp-drive

The societal impact: is technological domination and permanent surveillance next?

The personal impact: fears and hopes, solidarity vs. opportunism, resilience vs desperation

The impact on investing: where will the money go?

The impact on education, learning and universities (and leadership)

As you may have guessed, this keynote is usually held virtually i.e. as a digital keynote, but in some instances can also be in-person i.e. in ‘real-life’, and for those with smaller budgets I now offer new interview & conversations formats, as well.

As part of this talk, I often present these 4 steps of coping with this crisis:
focus on survival  »  pursue radical collaboration  »  become masters of adaptation  »  pivot and transform (short video).



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