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A short talk by Gerd followed by a longer open Q&A Session

Gerd's Subscribers-Only Talk and Q&A Session

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Subscriber-Only Event (free)

60 minutes with Gerd Leonhard

This session is exclusively for people that have joined Gerd’s new updates newsletter here.  Gerd will give a 15-minute talk on his key foresights, on these topics (see links below):  * The United States of Europe * The Great USA pivot * Gerd’s with/post-Corona learnings * Big Tech, Big Media, Big Health, Big State, Big Green – the next 10 years; followed by an interactive q&a session with the audience.

Please note that all Zoom registrations will be cross-checked with the newsletter lists, so be sure to sign up as per above. Thanks!

DATE: 29.Oct.2020 5pm CET

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