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The Future Show with Gerd Leonhard

TheFutureShow (TFS) is a new, cross-media entertainment format available in 2 versions: 1) a live, real-time and digital-only show using a large and scaleable webinar / meeting platform (such as Zoom, Vimeo or Crowdcast), combined with live-streaming on Youtube, LinkedIn or any suitable social network, or 2) a digital show that is not presented live yet produced 100% virtually (with all guests and the audience appearing via video, remotely), designed for global distribution on OTT premium content platforms or an cable TV and OTA.

TFS is produced in Gerd‘s virtual studio, combining the unique features of online meetings, remote interviews and virtual conferences with a asynchronous TV-talkshow concept and a futuristic interactive media approach, integrating polls, animations, social media streams, video clips, game components and AR/VR/MR explorations.  TFS offers exciting new possibilities that transcend the traditional limitations of both television and the internet.

Episodes can be produced in as little as 4 weeks, allowing for easy inclusion of current topics.

TFS is created, hosted and anchored by Gerd Leonhard, top-rated global futurist, author and film-maker, and co-produced by his company, The Futures Agency in Zurich, Switzerland. Gerd has gathered deep experience as moderator, host, anchor, keynote speaker, producer and director during the past 20 years; with 1500+ keynotes in 50+ countries Gerd’s audience is estimated at over 2.5 Million people.

Gerd and his team have developed substantial experience and know-how in online-event and media productions in the past 5 years. For further context please visit TheConference.Digital and Gerd’s film site, or visit Gerd’s Youtube channel www.gerdtube.com (virtual keynote session are here).

“The future does not just happen to us – we create it every day, ourselves”

“The future is already here – we just haven’t paid enough attention!”

(more of Gerd’s memes are here)

The future does not just happen to us - we create it every day, ourselves!

Each TFS episode is designed around a current and timely topic, and kicks off with Gerd’s unique cross-media introduction (a simplified preview can be found here and here)Gerd then introduces the guests; well-known personalities and thought-leaders that have been selected for their ability to quickly convey their views and debate interactively, using this new format. All guests participate virtually i.e. via remote audio / video or in VR.

Up to 5 people per episode will be invited and each guest has 3 minutes to deliver their opening statement or intervention using a direct video link to Gerd and his virtual studio team.  Debates will also be recorded, and select audience members can be invited to join with audio or video statements, as well. 

Episode duration: 30-40 minutes, monthly or bi-weekly.

Example of a series of 4 weekly episodes on “Our Future, Post-Corona”

Our guests will comment on these topics based on a 2-3 year horizon:

  • The economic and business impact: what will the immediate future bring as far as jobs, work, and business / industries in general is concerned? How will the global economy be revived?
  • The geopolitical impact of the crisis, with a focus on Europe (heading into yet another crisis or forcing the creation of the USofE?), U.S. (a Suez Moment?) and China – new power structures, and new roles of the state (and its leaders)
  • The future of capitalism: will this crisis be used as chance for fixing what many say was broken for a long time, before? Will we take advantage of our learnings and reboot the global economy based on a new kind of ‘sustainable capitalism‘?  
  • The environmental impact, and consequences for fighting global warming: will this crisis hasten the inevitable shift to renewable energy and catalzye the end of oil? What is the future of sustainability, post-corona, and how will we now tackle the even more urgent climate change crisis? Have we learned anything from #covid19 that can be implied to climate-change?
  • The impact on medical & healthcare: huge new investments  in healthcare (both public and private) are very likely to be the result of Covid19, with a strong emphasis on bio-technologies and genetic engineering. Ethical issues will loom even larger, and the role of the state is bound to be much bigger.
  • The societal impact: technological domination?: what about the even more enhanced role of technology, and the threat of tracking and surveillance becoming the new normal. What 
  • The personal impact: are we entering a period of new-found human connections and solidarity or a global loneliness epidemic? Has well-being and happiness been redefined in this crisis?
  • The impact on investing: as investors are reeling in shock from this ‘new normal’, divestment in fossil fuels are increasing and funds are shifting to ESGs and impact investing – what is the future of investing, post-corona?
  • The impact on education and learning, training, universities: Remote everything is suddenly ok? Virtual work is the new normal? What is the role of universities, going forward?

Exact show details and dates will be announced shortly (follow Gerd on Twitter for the latest updates)



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