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Where Are We Going

An Anti-Black Mirror Upcoming Series to Avoid Dystopia.
It could be heaven or it could be hell.

Where are we going? What happens when we get there?

In a world of ‘science fiction becoming science fact’, exploding with exponential technological innovation and wicked societal challenges, renowned futurist and humanist Gerd Leonhard explores the dangers of big tech, unregulated disruption, and how, with a little foresight, humanity can remain in control of our creations.

“Technology is not what we seek, but how we seek it.”

So, why is privacy dead, democracy crumbling, and tech-fueled inequality on the rise? The world has never been more prosperous, and yet, every day it feels as if we are hurtling toward inevitable dystopia. Which may be why shows like Black Mirror, Altered Carbon, and Westworld have dominated streaming services.

But what happened to hope and inspirational, entertaining pro-future content? Why are surrender to the inevitably of a miserable, human-indifferent future? Why are big tech, big government, and bull markets allowed to define OUR destiny, our collective future?

Rather than providing more techno-euphoria, ill-fated answers or short-fused predictions, Where Are We Going focuses on asking the right questions, and exploring the near-future possibilities (i.e. the next 10 years) without the techno-euphoria or hype-fueled predictive optimism. We are living at a pivot point in human history, and the real question is not ‘what will the future bring’ but ‘what kind of future do we want?’


A Sampling of Gerd's Films

Best of Gerd's Films (2020 Compilation)

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How The Future Works: Why your ultimate job is to be HUMAN

A film by Gerd Leonhard (released in January 2020)

The Future with/after Covid19 (a film by Gerd Leonhard)

We Need to Talk About AI

The Future of Technology and Humanity

Digital Ethics, AI, Humanity and Brands

A compilation of best scenes from Gerd's recent films

WAWG is produced by The Futures Agency and created and hosted by Gerd Leonhard, a top-rated global futurist, keynote speaker, author and filmmaker with a Fortune 500’s worth of clients like Microsoft, NBC, Visa, Google, and IBM just to name a few.

An ex-professional musician, on-paper dotcom millionaire, and bestselling author of Technology vs Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man, Gerd’s most important role to date is a frequent social commentator and one of big tech’s earliest and loudest critics.

And now, we are in a battle for the future of humanity!

So, join our crazy German techno philosopher with a flair for the dramatic and let’s take a hard look at technology’s world-altering implications and what we, as a people can do to spin the future in our favor. Buckle your seatbelts folks, it’s about to get bumpy.

“The future does not just happen to us – we create it every day, ourselves”

“The future is already here – we just haven’t paid enough attention!”

“The future is no longer about ‘tomorrow’- the future is a MINDSET”

LIST OF TOPICS (as of August 28 2020)

1) THE FUTURE OF EARTH: Climate change and global warming: adaptation and mitigation scenarios. The end of oil and the rise of renewable energy. The circular economy. Carbon tax scenarios. Sustainable will become the new profitable.

2) THE FUTURE OF WORK:  Technological unemployment and the impact of the Megashifts (such as automation and robotization). Why the end of routine is not the end of work. The coming redefinition of ‘work’ (unbundling money, purpose and social status from work). Working from home? And Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) scenarios.

3) THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION AND LEARNING: As the very definition of ‘work’ changes, education and learning must also be rebooted. Not just STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) but also HECI (humanity, ethics, creativity, imagination). IQ and EQ. New skills for new jobs.

4) THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD / GEOPOLITICS:  A great transformation is resulting from the Covid19 crisis. The coming ‘USA Renaissance’ (2021). The United States of Europe. Possible China scenarios. (De)globalization futures. The emergence of new global leaders (such as female politicians).

5) THE FUTURE OF CAPITALISM: Why capitalism as we knew it is failing us. Why corporate capitalism has deepened inequality. Defining a  sustainable / post-capitalism. People Planet Purpose Prosperity: new paradigms for new stock markets. Stakeholder value vs shareholder value. The global inequality challenge.

6) THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY: Warp-drive into the future – Exponential, combinatorial and convergent (the 3 Future Principles). The Megashifts and the Game-Changers. Technology Regulation. Digital Ethics (the ethics of technology)…

7) THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY: The coming singularity: when and how? Transhumanism, super-humanity and longevity (the end of dying). Redefining what it means to be human (transcend human limitations or transcend technology?). Artificial Intelligence. Debunking the hype: what’s real, and when? The weaponization of AI (and other exponential technologies). A moratorium for AGI?

8) THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE: With/Postcorona futures. The coming convergence of biology and technology. CrisprCas9 and human genome editing.

9) THE FUTURE OF MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT AND NEWS: OTT everything? The coming social media correction and the reboot of journalism. Advertising ≠ surveillance?

10) THE FUTURE OF FOOD: A carbon tax on meat. Sustainable agriculture. Meat substitutes and alternatives. Veganism as default? Rebirth of the food industry,

11) THE FUTURE OF LOVE, HAPPINESS AND RELATIONSHIPS: Finding love in the future. Happiness and technology: technology is not what we seek but how we seek.

12) THE FUTURE OF MONEY & BANKING: digital money and virtual currencies. A cashless society. New stock-markets (people planet…)




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