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Social Media Marketing Spend to Hit $3.1 Billion by 2014 says Forrester

Food for thought via mashable.com "We already knew that social media marketing budgets were on the rise, but now we know by how much. Forrester Research is out with their Interactive Marketing Forecast for the next five years, and estimates social media marketing to grow at an annual rate of 34 ...

Pre-Web Content Economics vs Web-Native Content Economics

I’ll make this brief since I am at the NRT lounge going back to ZRH in an hour. Here are some of the key trends for the immediate Future of the Content Industries that I wanted to share with you. Pre-Web Content Economics: Consumers. Scarcity. Centralized. Computer = Internet Access. Professionals ...

The Future of Business in a connected world (my presentation at ACCJ Tokyo)

 Nice gig a the American Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo today – lots of very interesting people, and good conversations. Here is the event description:  "Social media and online communities are becoming powerful CRM-like tools that almost all major brands and companies are employing. Marketing, PR and advertising is switching from Push ...

The Future of Digital Content – Free vs Paid? My presentation at Tokyo 2.0 August 24 2009

Today, I spoke at Tokyo 2.0, on the subject of The Future of Digital Content – Free vs Paid (Content 2.0). Because this is one of my main topics I have a lot more stuff available on this; please visit my Free Content page to download many more pdfs, ...

Creating value with Content: The Future of Marketing and Advertising (my Sydney presentation)

I was invited to present at the InsightExchange event in Sydney, Australia, yesterday, on the topic of Content 2.0 and the Future of Marketing & Advertising. Other speakers included fellow Futurist Ross Dawson and Craig Davis, Chief Creative Officer of Publicis / Mojo. From the event description: "Futurist Gerd ...

Advertising 2.0: Invent ideas to attract an audience

Found this somewhere… hits the nail on the head, imho. Read more on my views on Advertising trends, here. Related articles by Zemanta The Future of Advertising, Marketing and Media: my presentation at TribalDDB London (Nov 12, 2008) (mediafuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard At Effie Athens June 11 Future Of Advertising Branding, and Marketing (slideshare.net) Social Media ...


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