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My presentation from today’s talk on the future of business in a networked society (GBTA conference Praque)

2 sources: Dropbox (7MB PDF) Gerd’s Owncloud (7MB PDF) Event details (GBTA Europe Conference Prague)

I am in the process of Data-MYning :)

I just found this really interesting meme via trendwatching.com (see some of their slides below, the whole thing is here, and below) and thought I would share this with you. It is a very timely meme as I am in the process of setting up my own cloud (using the ...

Guest post on ITU WORLD BLOG | From “the new oil” to cyborgs…

ITU WORLD BLOG | From “the new oil” to cyborgs….

Great piece on why DATA is indeed the new OIL: LinkedIn connects big data, human resources (via WaPo)

It’s big data meeting human resources. And that data, core to LinkedIn’s potential, could catapult the company beyond building careers and into the realms of education, urban development and economic policy. Chief executive Jeff Weiner put it this way in a recent blog post: “Our ultimate dream is to develop ...

New video: Infotrends Sao Paulo 2013: the Future of Media, Content, Advertising (Keynote by Gerd Leonhard, Portuguese subtitles)

This is a pretty nice recording and it shows that I really enjoy speaking to Brazilian audiences – check it out!  You can view the original video here.   Please note: only the short intro is in Portuguese – the rest is in English.  Download the slides here. UPDATE August 19th: new ...

▶ CIA’s Chief Tech Officer on Big Data: We Try to Collect Everything and Hang Onto It Forever (one scary video)

▶ CIA’s Chief Tech Officer on Big Data: We Try to Collect Everything and Hang Onto It Forever – YouTube. Just ran across this video – keep in mind that this talk was before Snowden released the PRISM material. Read my posts on that stuff, here   READ:  A-Call-to-Boycott-U.S.-Tech-Platforms-Over-the-NSAs-PRISM-Surveillance-Gerd-Leonhard-Harvard-Business-Review (PDF)  

Good piece on big data myths (informationweek.com)

Myth 3: Big Data Yields Certainty A well-trodden business aphorism is, “I have all of the data I can handle. I just need more information.” In Too Big to Ignore, I write about the difficulty of being truly certain about business decisions of any import. It’s virtually impossible to be completely ...

Meet me October 22 in Zurich : discussion with Andrew Keen, on privacy

What does privacy mean in a connected world? Tuesday 22 October, 7.00pm until 9.00pm, Zunftsaal, Blue Monkey, Zunfthaus zur Schneidern. Stüssihofstatt 3 – 8001 Zürich From Google and Facebook to Government surveillance, our data is being mined behind our backs. But should we be surprised? When the product is free, we ...

Video: Doug Stephens (Retail-Prophet) and Gerd Leonhard discuss the PRISM/NSA affair and what it means for the future of big data and commerce

Doug and me just finished a pretty snappy Google Hangout on the topic of how the PRISM / NSA / Snowden affair will impact consumer behavior, e-commerce, big data business models and cloud computing.  Doug really knows his stuff and is always great fun to talk to, find out more ...

PRISM Futures: is is time to consider a boycott of US technology platforms? Or: we love you guys… but enough is enough!

Image above by Gizmodo NEW: Portuguese version here. MUST READ: my HBR Blogs ‘call for boycott’ is here.  German version here Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for digital matters: ‘If I were an American cloud provider, I would be quite frustrated with my government right now’ President Obama in 2005: “A lack of oversight ...


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