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New video: Infotrends Sao Paulo 2013: the Future of Media, Content, Advertising (Keynote by Gerd Leonhard, Portuguese subtitles)

This is a pretty nice recording and it shows that I really enjoy speaking to Brazilian audiences – check it out!  You can view the original video here.   Please note: only the short intro is in Portuguese – the rest is in English.  Download the slides here. UPDATE August 19th: new ...

Interview with me: ‘Em 5 anos, o volume de SMS cairá pela metade’ – Estadão – Cultura Digital (Brazil)

The Estadao people in Sao Paulo Brazil yesterday ran a nice, short interview with me, on the future of telecom, see below. Google translate version is here. Slideshow below is an add-on by me, for your edification:) ‘Em 5 anos, o volume de SMS cairá pela metade’ – Link Estadão – ...

Global economic success stories: not based on austerity ? (WFS)

Good piece by the World Future Society and Rick Docksai, here. Really made me think about what we are doing here in Europe, focussing on austerity and budget cut-backs. What are your thoughts on this? “Many of these successful countries are, surprisingly perhaps, in the developing world. The report notes that ...

Nice portuguese summary of my work: video by RodaViva / TVCultura Brazil

I had the great pleasure of being a guest at the RodaViva TV-show in Brazil in 2o10, and they just published a nice summary of it, a few weeks ago. The full 77 minutes can be watched here. This clip is only about 2 minutes long so if you speak Portuguese ...

Inequality is a major issue for 2012

…exemplified in this picture taken from one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro. The trend towards the rich getting richer and the poor remaining poor while the middle class does whatever it takes to move up the foodchain is a major societal problem not just in the USA ...

Smartphone usage in Brazil (nice slideshow by McCann Brazil)

Some very helpful stats here Outlook of Smartphone Usage in Brazil View more presentations from WMcCannBR

Nice video on Facebook ‘Deals’

A lot of key terms and themes are nicely explained in this video Related articles Some of my best interviews and related media coverage of my work (PDFs) (mediafuturist.com)

Data is the new Oil: must-read PDF by the World Economic Forum

This report is a really great find, and a must-read for anyone interested in what can best be summarized as the convergence of the data and attention economies (thanks, HuffPo and Bianca Bosker) : Download PDF WEF_ITTC_PersonalDataNewAsset_Report_2011 “We are moving towards a “Web of the world” in which mobile communications, social ...

Great summary on what I think about the Future of Education (short video)

Excerpt from my Roda Viva (Brazil) appearance last year. Related articles Some of my best interviews and related media coverage of my work (PDFs) (mediafuturist.com) Create the future by Crafting the Best End Game (futurist.com) New video: 11-minute summary: The Networked Society (presentation at Ericsson event, Mobile World Congress 2011) (mediafuturist.com) Short video interview from ...

Some of my best interviews and related media coverage of my work (PDFs)

Epoca Brazil, on Facebook (Portuguese) April 2011:  Download Epoca Brazil Gerd HSM Magazine, Brazil (Portuguese) June 2010:  Download HSM gerd eComm conference / blog interview on Telemedia (Sept 2009):  EComm-Interview  DDB strategy blog guest post: Data is the new Oil (Nov 2010):  The Future  Enjoy and feel free to spread or repost anywhere. Related articles New ...


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