New video: heading towards 2020 – what’s our future? Key trends, foresights, memes (and more on ‘Ego to Eco’)

I actually recorded this ‘2020 foresights’ video in October 2012 to contribute to a project headed by Daniel Egger at Foltigo (Sao Paulo, Brazil), therefore some comments refer to Brazil but 99% of what I talk about here is applicable anywhere.  I ran across the video again, today, and it ...

Global economic success stories: not based on austerity ? (WFS)

Good piece by the World Future Society and Rick Docksai, here. Really made me think about what we are doing here in Europe, focussing on austerity and budget cut-backs. What are your thoughts on this? “Many of these successful countries are, surprisingly perhaps, in the developing world. The report notes that ...

Gerd’s guide to disruption: the next 5 years (Part 1)

Greetings everyone, on the occassion of the launch of this new site I have decided to resume some more serious blogging activies, at least once every week. I kind of stopped doing this 3 years ago (due to too many speaking gigs and the rise of fast and easy content ...

Africa is battleground for low-priced smartphones

The 4Africa Initiative is part of Microsoft’s plans to have tens of millions of smart devices in the hands of African youths by 2016. Microsoft also wants to bring 1 million African small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) online, train 100,000 members of Africa’s existing workforce in addition to helping ...

New video: TeleMedia Futures presentation at Total Telecom 2011 (London)

This is a self-recorded video of my keynote speech on 'TeleMedia Futures: Making the most of the Content Opportunity' at the recent Total Telecom conference in London, Nov 7 / 8, 2011. Apologies for the somewhat less than perfect recording quality (note that the crackling sound that starts at about ...


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