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Inc. magazine lists me as one of the top 30 Internet of Things 'experts'…

Inc magazine and John Rampton just published a list of the top 30 Internet of Things experts; and I am delighted to be included along with Scoble, David Poque, Chris Pirillo and Guy Kawasaki. I am not so sure that being an ‘expert’ is all that desirable, really, but hey… it’s ...

Gerd Leonhard’s Megashifts: digitization, mobilisation, screenification, disintermediation, decentralisation, automation, intelligization, virtualization, anticipation, robotisation

It seems like all those ‘…ation’-words are naturally converging right now;  in almost every keynote I am touching on these trends that may, on one hand, mean very good things for all of us, but may also result in a future that is increasingly less ‘human’. I have taken to calling ...

Meet me at the CEOClubs Greece event in Athens April 28, 2015: the next 7 years in business

I am delighted to do another event with the CEO Clubs organization, following my engagement in Bucharest last year.  This one will be held in Athens on April 28, 2015, at the Pentelikon Hotel. Please join me if you’re close-by, and spread the word to your Greek friends! PDF with details ...

Video and slides from my keynote on #NewWayToWork for IBM at Cebit Hannover

More details on this event UPDATE June 15 2015: here is the video with my keynote NewWayToWork Gerd Leonhard Cebit March 2015 IBM Public-web  5 MB PDF NewWayToWork Gerd Leonhard Cebit March 2015 IBM Public   20MB PDF and some best-of’s:  

A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute – why total optimisation is not…optimal (good read via NYT)

The gut is dead. Long live the data, turned out day and night by our myriad computers and smart devices. Not that we trust the data, as we once trusted our guts. Instead, we “optimize” it. We optimize for it. We optimize with it. A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute NYT via Instapaper Context: automation ...

Gerd Leonhard latest finds, resources and inspirations: Newsletter # 6 / 2015

FIRST Last week, I wrote a new piece for CNN Money on the consequences of over-connectivity. I would love your take and feedback on my key message: “It’s no longer just about connecting people. It’s also about what happens once they are connected” Ten Tech Trends to Watch in Africa – via the World ...

▶ NVIDIA video CES 2015: your car will have more computing power than anything else we are currently using (DriveCX)

▶ NVIDIA CES 2015 press conference: NVIDIA DRIVE CX (part 2) – YouTube. Pretty revealing talk by Nvidia’s CEO at CES – talk about exponential speed and innovation. Mind-boggling.  

Here's a short video with my key points on digital transformation (FINCO 2014)

This is a short summary version of my presentation at SONAE’s FINCO event in Lisbon, on October 27, 2014.  More details, slides and images at my blog i.e. https://gerd.fm/1telcAJ Full-length audio-only version can be downloaded at https://gerd.fm/1AeFCPC A related interview is at https://youtu.be/9VDt8Kr1tgs

Happy new year to everyone – here are my resolutions and promises

(I took this pic myself, in Nikko, Japan).  Even though I am not a Rotarian, I want my work to always consider these 4 principles:

My latest presentation on Slideshare: Digital Transformation: the future of business, commerce and technology

Digital Transformation: the future of business, commerce and technology (Futurist Gerd Leonhard) from Gerd Leonhard Download the PDF:  Future of business and commerce digital transformation gerd leonhard futurists speaker slideshare-web


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