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A must-watch cross-cultural ping-pong: Musicians@Google: Google Goes Gaga (video)

This is a really interesting and often hilarious video of Google’s Marissa Mayer interviewing Lady Gaga, found just now via FastCompany. Now, I don’t care a whole lot about Lady Gaga’s music (or did you really expect me to?) but this is indeed a very interesting and unique setting: über-celebrity-pop-cult ...

A lesson via Google: always add value at a very low cost (gMail priority inbox)

Google is the master of keeping us happy by constantly rolling out new features that add serious incremental value to our experience – but probably don't cost them very much: see the latest innovation in gMail, the priority inbox. I will add this to my future presentations on The Future ...

Video: The Future of Selling in a connected World (Google Insights event in Zurich, June 2010)

Finally, here is the video from the Google Insights event in Zurich, on June 10, 2010 (please go here for my previous post on this, as well as the PDF and the embedded slideshow). Download the M4V file (350MB)


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